Algerian Port Cities

There are 5 port cities along the Mediterranean coast of Algeria. To learn more about them read our guide for facts & information…

Much of the country’s population lives along the coast since 85% of Algeria is located in the Sahara desert and is mostly uninhabited. At about 4 times the area of the state of Texas, Algeria is one of the larger countries in North Africa and is bordered on the east by Tunisia, Libya and Niger and on the west by Morocco, Mali and Mauritania. Algeria enjoys a healthy economy with both industry and agriculture and one of the most stable governments in the region. The port cities are not the only tourist attractions, but they are the best known.


Algiers is the largest city in the country and its capital. An interesting mixture of modern and ancient, it is well known for its casbah which was the setting for several movies in the forties and fifties. During World War II, General Charles DeGaulle commanded French military forces from Algiers after the fall of Paris and it developed a reputation as a place of espionage and mystery.


The second largest city in Algeria, the port city of Oran has a population of about 800,000. It is a major trade and industrial center and one of the busiest ports in the area. French author, Albert Camus was born in Oran as was famous French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Most of the French and European population left Oran when  Algeria won its independence.


While most North African countries have been dependent on the petrochemical industry for economic prosperity, Algeria is a late comer to the industry. Bijaya is the center of the newly developed oil industry and its location as port city makes it ideal. It sits at the base of Gouraya Mountain.


Annaba is an Algerian port city located on the eastern coast. The third largest city in Algeria, Annaba is an important industrial center and a busy port. Annaba is a site of early hominid occupation and artifacts dating to 200,000 BC have been found in the area. It offers beautiful beaches and an active nightlife for tourists.


Located on the northeast coast of Algeria, Skikda was built by the French on the site of an ancient Phoenician city which was later occupied by the Romans. It is a relatively small city with a population of about 150,000 and like Bijaya it is a petrochemical center.

Algerian port cities are a mixture of ancient history and modern industry. One of the most prosperous countries in Northern Africa, the Algerian economy is not completely dependent on petrochemicals like many other nations in the region. A thriving manufacturing base and  well established agricultural industry make the economy diversified and strong. Algerian port cities have long been a tourist attraction for Europeans and Americans with the beautiful beaches and historic architecture and ruins.

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