Argentina Track Jackets and Apparel

Argentina track jackets are fashionable the word over. For more information on Argentina sporting apparel read our guide …

While not as popular as football, baseball and basketball, soccer is attracting a following in the United States. In European and South and Central American countries soccer is the number one team sport. Argentina has an outstanding soccer team which is often in contention for the World Cup and has taken home this prestigious title twice. Many U.S. residents are fans of the Argentinian team and in response, major manufacturers of sports apparel, Nike and Adidas, offer track jackets and sports apparel featuring the soccer team of Argentina.

Finding Argentina Track Jackets

Major sports retailers in the U.S. may carry these items in their stores or may be able to place a special order for them. The jackets are widely available on the internet through online vendors and at auction sites. Argentina track jackets are not favored by most Europeans whose own countries’ teams compete against them, but Americans with a taste for soccer often sport these handsome, well-made track jackets to support one of the best soccer teams on this side of the Atlantic.

About Soccer

In Argentina and in most countries outside the U.S., soccer is referred to as football. American football is almost unknown in other countries. Soccer fans are certainly fanatics; if anything, their enthusiasm is greater than that of American football fans. A number of matches between rival teams have resulted in riots with injuries when the fans got out of control and began fights in the stands with rival fans.

Soccer in the United States

Most competitive soccer in the U.S. is at the high school and college levels with no resident professional soccer teams offered on sports TV. Soccer usually gains more notice during the summer Olympics where the United States often does not make the finals. Since professional athletes became eligible to participate in the Olympics, the amateur players from the U.S. have had an even greater disadvantage. While wearing an Argentina track jacket in most European countries could mean trouble, most U.S. residents would not even recognize the logos.

The prices of Argentina track jackets range between $60 and $70 and this may not include shipping charges if jackets are ordered on the internet. Most other Argentina apparel and equipment is only available on the internet or by special through retailers who carry the Nike and Adidas brands.

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