Aconcagua Climbing

Considering a mountain climbing holiday in Argentina? Read our guide for more facts & information on climbing Aconcagua…

Aconcagua Climbing Permits and Seasons

Permits are required for climbing Aconcagua and are available in the city of Mendoza. The cost of permits varies depending on the season and the nationality of the applicant. They range between $500 and $800 USD with the higher prices charged during the high season of December 15th to January 31st. Climbing permits are for 20 days while trekking permits are from three to seven days and cost under $110 USD for a seven day permit. The proceeds of the permits go to the maintenance of Aconcagua Provincial Park which includes the mountain and surrounding area.

Medium and Low Season Permits

The cost of permits for the medium season is about $330 for climbing. The medium season is from December 1st to December 14th and from February 1st to February 20th. During the medium season weather can become unseasonal and make climbing or trekking difficult or impossible. Rescue and medical personnel are available to tourists during the high and medium seasons. December and January are summer months in this region and offer the best weather for climbing and trekking.

Low season is from November 15th to November 30th and from February 21st to March 15th. Weather during these periods can be very problematic and prevent climbing or trekking if it is severe. Climbing permits are about $170 USD and trekking permits are $50 to $80.

Off Season at Aconcagua Park

The park remains open year round, but ranger and rescue services are not available between March 16th and November 14th. The price of admittance to the park remains the same during the off season as during the high season even though no services are provided to visitors. The winter season in the region makes climbing or trekking dangerous and it is not recommended.

Getting a Climbing or Trekking Permit

In order to obtain a permit, foreign nationals must apply in person in Mendoza or at the Horcones Valley Park Ranger Shelter. A passport is required and payment must be made in cash with Argentine pesos or US dollars. Credit cards and checks are not accepted at Mendoza or the ranger shelter. Permits are not issued to guests who do not appear in person; every climber must apply for their own permit.

A Note About Camping Supplies

All food brought into Santiago Airport in Chile is confiscated, so campers who plan on bringing supplies with them should enter the region in Argentina. A previous visitor recommended packing food stuffs in labeled opaque containers at the bottom of luggage, since some treats (peanuts and candy) have been confiscated at the airport in Argentina. Customs officials are disinclined to dig through opaque containers at the bottom of cases and there are no restrictions on bringing food into Argentina.

For more information on climbing and trekking permits visitors should contact park officials at

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