Argentina Trout Fishing

Argentina is a popular trout fishing destination. For tips and information on choosing your Argentine fishing vacation read our guide…

Argentina has great trout fishing, especially in the Patagonia region. Fly fishermen can choose from rivers, lakes and streams and rafting and boating excursions are also available in many areas. Most fishing lodges are devoted to the sportsman and don’t offer resort style amenities, but some upscale resorts  offer trout fishing in addition to activities like golf, polo, trail riding and swimming. Guides are usually available to advise tourists on the best methods and places to catch trout.

Types of Trout

Sea run trout can be caught in tidal rivers along the coast of Argentina. They are not native to Argentina but they thrive in its waters. California brown trout and rainbow trout were first introduced into Patagonian rivers in 1887, but the trout population did not begin to thrive until 1904, when brook, brown and landlocked salmon from New York were planted. Today, virtually every body of water in Patagonia has trout, and lots of it. With few natural predators to deplete their numbers, rainbow, brown, brook and sea run trout are abundant.

Angling in Argentina

Trout are most easily caught by fly fishing or angling and most of the lodges in Argentina offer guides, instruction and the opportunity to buy fly fishing equipment. Lake fishermen can choose to cast from the shore or from a raft or boat on the lake. Those who prefer rivers and streams will have plenty of opportunities to wade into the water and cast their lines. Trout were introduced to Argentina by immigrants who wished to practice the fly fishing they had learned in their native European countries.

Licenses and Regulations

Most fishing lodges have catch and release policies for trout fishermen, especially those that are located in national or provincial parks. Permits may be necessary so it is best to check with local authorities or park rangers regarding any restrictions or licensing requirements.

Fishing Season

The season for trout fishing in Argentina is from November through March, with the high season for tourists to the area being December and January. Rates for fishing vacations in November and March may be lower than rates for the peak season. All inclusive fishing vacations in Patagonia start at about $4500 USD per week.

Avid anglers dream of a fisherman’s vacation in Argentina with its record setting and abundant trout. It is not unusual for one angler to catch several fairly large trout in a single day. Excursions can be booked through travel agents and online.

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