Hotels in Aconcagua

Looking for accommodation in Aconcagua? Read our guide to finding the right hotel for you in Aconcagua Mendoza…

Hotels in Aconcagua, Argentina

Most of the hotels which service Aconcagua are located in the city of Mendoza, near the international airport. Accommodations vary with some hotels earning 5 stars for service and amenities. The cost of rooms depends on the quality of the rooms and amenities and the services offered by the facilities. Many visitors to the area only spend one or two nights in a hotel since they climb or trek on Aconcagua and spend the rest of their stay camping at base camps or other outdoor venues.

Hotel Aconcagua

Located 12 miles from the international airport, Hotel Aconcagua is a five star accommodation with room service, excellent suites, a wonderful onsite restaurant and other amenities. It is located in Mendoza near the main square and boasts 123 guest rooms and two private meeting rooms. It also has a business center, spa and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Unlike some hotels in the area it is air conditioned.  Average room rates at the Hotel Aconcagua are $151 USD per night.

Quinta Rufino Hostel

For visitors whose budget considerations trump their desire for amenities, this accommodation is a good choice, but received mixed reviews from guests. Located near the Plaza Independencia, a triple with private bath runs about 80 Argentine pesos per night. Breakfast is included in the room cost which makes the Quinta Rufino an outstanding value. Within walking distance of restaurants and tourist attractions, the hostel is a great place to stay before heading to the mountain.

Casa Antucura Wine Chateau

A little off the beaten path, the Casa Antucura is about an hour and half from the international airport. It is a five star accommodation which is most notable for its excellent food and wines.  It is located in a vineyard and the vintages come from the winery. Tranquil and quiet, the service at this hotel is top notch but unobtrusive and guests uniformly report a very positive experience. Because of the distance from the airport, most guests preferred to book for more than one night. With rates for singles starting at about $220 per night, this is an upscale destination.

Hostel Alamo

This accommodation received excellent reviews from 97% of the reviewers. At about $50 USD per night for a double room with en suite bath, this hostel is a bargain. It has air conditioning and an outdoor courtyard. The only complaints from guests were that they were disturbed by the noise of other guests or by cigarette smoke blowing in from the courtyard. This facility does have special dorm rates for visiting students which makes it ideally suited to younger guests.

Whether a visitor is looking for luxury, fun or just a place to stay overnight, the Aconcagua region has hotels and hostels at every price point to accommodate tourists planning to see the sights of the area.

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