Parana Argentina

Paranais Capital City of the Entre Rafaela‚L­os Province of Argentina and offers beautiful landscapes and plenty of activities for those on vacation.

On the banks of the river Parana this relaxed and charming city offers travellers a bit of a haven. It is the capital city of the Argentine province of Entre Ríos, and is located on the eastern shore of the Paraná River, opposite the more hectic city of Santa Fe.

Sunday is the day when all locals hit the seaside promenade (costanera) en mass. There people sit, relax, eat and generally chill out for the day. The promenade is also worth a walk during the week especially before sundown.

Things to do in Parana

Your first stop in Parana may very well be the tourist office located at the bus station and also at the Oficina Parque on the river front. There you can get lots of useful information about the city, its sights and amenities.

Parana, meaning “Padre de las Aguas” (Father of Water), offers a special geography due to the river that forms ravines and coasts. As a result water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing, wake boarding, swimming, motorboat excursions and fishing are all on offer.

A tour of the city involves visiting Costanera Avenue, the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Civic Center, the Spanish Society and the “3 de Febrero” Museum.

If you fancy a walk then visit the Urquiza Park which consists of 44 hectares of stunning natural beauty including waterfalls, springs and fountains as well as playgrounds, monuments and sculptures.

Visit the official Parana website .

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