Polo Holidays Argentina

Polo Holidays in Argentina are very popular. To find out more about choosing your Argentine polo resort read our guide for more facts & information…

Long known for the breeding of high quality horses and with a blend of European traditions, it is not surprising that Argentina is a premier destination for polo enthusiasts. The game may be the oldest team sport in recorded history and dates back approximately 2500 years to ancient Persia. It was used in both Asia and Europe as a training game for soldiers and later garnered popularity with royalty and the aristocracy of Europe. British officers reinvented the game around 1862 and it was introduced in New York in 1876.

English immigrants introduced the sport of polo to Argentina in the early 19th century. The first match was organized at the estancia of David Shennan in 1875. Other estancia owners took an interest in the sport and the first club, Hurlingham Club, was formed in 1888 followed by The River Plate Association in 1892.

Polo Schools

Eighty five percent of the world’s professional polo players have their roots in Argentina. With the best polo players in the world, Argentina is clearly the best place to learn the game or to improve one’s skills. Most of the polo schools are located in the Argentine pampas on estancias where polo horses are bred.

El Rincon del Polo

This estancia is located less than an hour from Buenos Aires and offers guest accommodations and polo lessons. During the high season between October and December a one week stay including polo lessons costs about $1800 USD and the low season rates (February through March) are about $1400.

Estancia El Venado Polo School

Located in Chascomus, Argentina, the Estancia El Venado Polo School is about 120 kilometers from Buenos Aires. It also offers accommodations, a large selection of trained polo horses and small private classes in the sport of polo. Guest accommodations are $150 per night, but polo vacations are $300 per night and include the cost of lessons. Prices include activities, all meals and alcoholic beverages.

Estancia Villa Maria

Located just south of Buenos Aires, Estancia Villa Maria is a full service resort that offers both golf and polo. A 15 minute drive from Ezeiza International Airport, Villa Maria has a very convenient location. It is an historic landmark and has four professional polo fields, an exercise track and a ball and stick field. The temperate climate of the area allows for year round practice. Standard accommodation rates are about $850 USD per week per person and do not include polo lessons.

There are many other estancias in both the area of Buenos Aires and the province of Cordoba which offer polo vacations. Rates and accommodations vary although most schools offer former professional polo players as instructors. Argentina is the best place in the world for a polo vacation and enthusiasts can combine it with a resort stay to make the entire family happy.

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