The Arts in Argentina

Are you looking for some information on the arts of Argentina? Whether it is cinema, literature, music or visual arts we run you through some basics of Argentinean art.

Cinema in Argentina

Although not one of the high profile makers of film, Argentina has enjoyed some success in cinema and film-making. Famous directors include Luis Puenzo (The Offical Story), Eliseo Subiela (Man Facing Southeast) and Adolfo Aristarain (A Place in the World).

Modern Argentinean films of note include:

• Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens)
• Hijo de la Novia (Son of the Bride)
• Valentín (Valentín)
• El Perro (The Dog)
• Luna de Avellanada.
• El Polaquito
• Iluminados por el Fuego (Enlightened by Fire)
• Gallito Ciego

Argentine Literature

Argentina’s most famous authors include Jorge Luis Borges who is considered one of the greatest 20th century writers of the world. He wrote bizarre labyrinthine worlds and elaborate time circles with vivid and imaginative style. Others include Adolfo Bioy Casares and Julio Cortázar. The latter fudged the lines between real and magical worlds with bizarre metaphors and descriptions of man’s unseen realities. Cortázar was voluntarily exiled in Europe during the rule of Juan Domingo Perón; Borges had problems with Peronism too, and saluted its fall in 1955 with joy.

Music in Argentina

The best-known music of Argentina is probably the tango. It must be noted that while tango refers mostly to a particular dancing music for foreigners, the music together with the lyrics (often sung in a kind of slang called lunfardo) are what most Argentinians primarily mean by tango. Tango lyrics can be considered a kind of poetry.

Argentina has also produced many musicians of note. Legends include Carlos Gardel, Julio Sosa and Astor Piazzolla who popularised the tango. Their work was then developed by names such as Susana Rinaldi, Eladia Blasquez, Adriana Varela and Osvaldo Pugliese.

Other musicians from Argentina include Gato Barbieri (jazz), Mercedes Sosa (folk) and Charly Garcia (rock).

Visual Arts in Argentina

In terms of visual arts Argentina has given the world some great painters and sculptors. Well-known painters include Xul Solar, Guillermo Kuitca and Victor Hugo Quiroga.  Sculptors include Graciela Sacco, Rogelio Yrurtia and Alberto Heredia.

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