Traditional Argentina Food Dishes

Argentina’s popular food dishes have many European influences. Would you like to know a few Argentine dishes? You can read our guide for more facts & information…


Bara brith bread was introduced by the Welsh. Raisins or different kinds of fruit may be added to the bread during baking. They are served in cafes, butter is commonly spread on bara brith like any other ordinary bread.

Scones are of British origin and like bara brith, they are served at cafes, common during breakfast. As a snack they can be sprinkled with sugar or eaten with jam.

Accompanying the scones at a cafe, some Argentinians may drink tea or coffee, and commonly mate cocido, which is made from the dry leaves of yerba mate.

Lunch & Dinner

Sandwiches de miga are a popular choice for lunch. Some are more cake-like, while others are more like traditional sandwiches.

Many Argentine dishes have Italian influence. It’s no surprise that pizza is widely eaten. A common Argentine version is pizza rellena, which looks ‘stuffed’ and has a relatively large crust. It is common to eat it with milanesa meat.

Pasta is also an important dish and a popular version is canneloni, which is similar to lasagna. It can be accompanied by estofado, which is a meaty stew.

Fideo pasta is another version of pasta and it can be eaten with an array of sauces. It is fried or boiled and cooked as a soup

Farinata is a pizza shaped bread. The bread itself might be used to make pizza or can be eaten alone.

Polenta is another popular food dish served in Argentina. It is made of cornmeal and generally appears as yellow as cheese in colour. Polenta in itself is not eaten alone and is served with an array of dishes.

Pesto sauce which has its roots in Italy, is a thick green sauce made from basil and other ingredients. The basil gives it the green colour. Pestos vary in form, some may be a thick paste, with well crushed basil, other forms may have bigger basil bits. Basil sauce accompanies many main dishes.

The climate and weather of the Pampas region in Argentina makes it suitable for cattle ranching and it’s no surprise that meat is an important part of Argentine food dishes, like Asado for example. Asado is served at restaurants or home grilled, barbecue style. It is a popular dish of choice at parties and weddings.

Beverage & Dessert

Although Argentinians consume less wine than Europeans, the wine produced from the vineyards has contributed to the food culture. Muscat wine, grown in the central region, is a common choice after meals.

Sorbet dessert is also consumed in Argentina. It is ice cream which may contain alcohol. Sorbets may vary in thickness, with some being as thick as traditional ice cream and other versions being watery. It is often served with a fruit garnish.

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