Zencart eCommerce Argentina

Searching for Zencart, eCommerce, templates or other shopping cart features? Check out all you need to know in order to get these products in Argentina.

Zen Cart is a trademark registered name for an eCommerce product owned by Zen Ventures, LLC. The makers state that the software is a user-friendly and open source shopping cart system available to all.

Interestingly Zen Cart was envisaged, designed and developed by group of online shop owners, programmers, designers and consultants involved in e-commerce and wanting something a bit different.

Zen Cart was originally based on osCommerce code from June 2003 and has undergone rapid development since that time. It has released three major point releases, and over a dozen minor point releases.

Currently (2007) the Zen Cart Development Team members are:

• Ian C Wilson
• Kim Elliott
• Linda McGrath
• Chris Brown

Zen Cart eCommerce options for Argentina

Zen cart is now available for Argentina through the company. The website forum even has a dedicated “community support thread” for any developers needing assistance with the software. For those seeking zone codes a developer by the name of Lucero del Alba, from Buenos Aires, has gone to the trouble of doing this for you. This can also be found at the Zen Cart Argentina forum.

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