Things to do in Lazio

Are you going on holiday to Lazio in Italy? Do you want to know what sightseeing and tourist attractions are in Lazio? Our guide to Lazio gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Lazio is the region of Italy, of which Rome is the capital, and is situated in the centre of Italy west of the Apennine mountain ranges to the Tyrrhenian Sea.  The climate in Lazio is pleasant almost all year round and the hilly landscape makes it a good place for walking and various other outdoor activities. Below are just a few of the highlights of what Lazio has to offer.

Tivoli in Lazio

The ancient town of Tivoli is situated in the hills of Lazio surrounding the city of Rome and is worth a visit for those interested in the history of Italy. Despite its small size, Tivoli in Lazio is home to two separate UNESCO world heritage sites, both of which are open for the public to visit.

Villa Adriana in Lazio

Villa Adriana is a palace situated in Tivoli and is famous because it was the imperial residence of the second century Roman Emperor Hadrian. A visit to this site in Lazio shows that the styles and architecture of the building are quite eclectic which is unusual of architecture in Italy from the Roman period. The reason for this lies in the Emperor Hadrian himself who was an avid traveller. Hadrian picked up inspiration from his travels to Egypt and Greece as well as other places and incorporated elements of architecture that he found there into his own residence.

Villa D’Este in Lazio

The Villa D’Esta in Lazio is the second UNESCO world heritage site in Tivoli with an entirely different history to Villa Adrianna. This villa was originally built as a convent for monks of the Benedictine order; however, it was later converted into a personal pleasure palace of the local rulers during the 16th century. Special features of this attraction in Lazio include the frescoes on the walls and the fountains in the garden that operate continuously solely on gravity.

Viterbo in Lazio

Viterbo is located in the north of Lazio where the terrain is particularly green and hilly. This makes it a good place for a walking holiday in Lazio as this is exactly what the popes of old would do here. Viterbo in Lazio used to be the official home of the Popes of the Catholic church in Italy during the 13th century, before they moved to the Vatican.  Viertbo also possesses some sulphur rich natural mineral springs which are relaxing and therapeutic at once.

Ostia Antica in Lazio

Ostia Antica is located on the western coast of Lazio and exhibits the well preserved remains of a port town that dates back nearly 2500 years. Apart from the museum which explains the history of this town in Lazio, sightseeing attractions include the ancient theatre, baths, shops and houses. Admission to this tourist attraction in Lazio costs 4.20 Euros.

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