Australia Public Sector Dental Workforce Scheme

Interested in the dental workforce scheme for Australian Public Sector practitioners? Learn more about the Australia Public Sector Dental Workforce Scheme that allows overseas dentists to work under supervision while taking their local exams…

A clear-cut policy has been devised to manage the Australia Public Sector Dental Workforce Scheme. The main aim of the policy is meeting the identified requirements of health practitioners, which includes the dental workforce for public hospitals. This policy has been endorsed by the Australian health ministers from different states and territories since 2004. There are different legislative provisions that offer registration to those applicants who have finished a dentistry courses and worked under supervision with qualified dentists. The registration is of as limited type and valid for a set time frame. Examples of such limited registrations include, but are not limited to, training assignments and teaching positions.

Reasons for Establishing the Australian Public Sector Dental Workforce

There is an acute shortage of dentists in rural areas and overseas dentists who have been trained abroad are provided registration on a limited basis to work in a supervised environment as part of the public sector dental workforce scheme. However, these overseas qualified dentists must continue to study for and confirm their enrollment and registration for the Australian Dental Council exam, which will provide them certification, qualification and rights to work full-time and independently in Australian territory and states. The Australia Public Sector Dental Workforce Scheme is simply related to dentists and does not cover hygienists.

The basic preamble of the policy of Australia Public Sector Dental Workforce Scheme states that those dentists who have qualified under rigorous dental training and degree programs are exempted from the preliminary examination. Furthermore, restricted registration is provided to such graduates allowing them to work under supervision for a maximum of three years while the candidate attempts to pass the final exam of the Australian Dental Council. The object of the Australia Public Sector Dental Workforce Scheme is to identify the requirements for different areas in terms of health practitioners and locate candidates in areas that are facing a dearth of health practitioners and trained professionals.

Registration Requirements

The basic requirements for registration include a written application to the Australian Dental Board. Eligible candidates will be required to present proof of their eligibility from the potential employers and details about how an applicant would be supervised, the location of the practice, terms and duration of employment as well as clear details relating to the scope and job description of the dentist’s practice.

Importance of Supervision Under The Dental Workforce Scheme

A major component of this public sector dental workforce scheme in Australia is the importance of supervised work for candidates who have been provided a restricted registration. These candidates must ensure that their employers conduct the supervision on the location at which they are employed. The supervisor must also qualify as a registered dentist who has a minimum of five years experience in dentistry in Australia. If the candidate does not meet the requirements for a supervising dentist then the supervisor is required to report this to the board as well as the employer. Furthermore each employer must train the supervisor and guide them fairly with regards to their role and deliverables inherent in the position of a supervisor.

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