Australia Student Visa Application Information

Applying for an Australian student visa and want to get information on it? Read our factual and informative guide…

You will need to satisfy the requirements for a student visa before you are granted one by the Australian embassy in your country; you will also have to convince the visa counselors that you will adhere to the visa conditions pertaining to academic performance and attendance which automatically come into effect once you have entered the country under a student visa.  If you are found disobeying the visa conditions, this could lead to the cancellation of your student visa and depending on what have done, it may also lead to deportation from the country.

Visas are granted for options relating to the principle subject or course of study. You can also apply for a student visa to take a vocational course that will grant your certificates I, II, II, IV, an advanced diploma or a certificate of vocational graduation. Alternatively, you could also get a student visa to Australia for higher studies that include bachelor’s masters or doctoral studies. If you get a student visa for higher studies, you can take along a dependent family member once you have commenced your course in the country. You can also work part time (up to 20 hours per week) under this visa while the course is in session while you get to work full time during scheduled school breaks.

If you get a visa for post graduate or doctoral studies and elect to take a dependent family member along; he or she can also work in the country full time while you complete your course; also, under this visa, you can work 20 hours per week when school is in session and for unlimited hours during scheduled breaks.

In order to apply for Australian students visa, you will need to provide documents that prove your ability to take care of expenses related to your education and stay in the country; so to get a visa, you will need to have enough money to travel to and from Australia, take care of living expenses; your own as well of any dependent family members living in the country along with you.

There are also certain health requirements that have to be met while applying for a student visa to Australia; in order to prove your medical eligibility, you will need to undergo a physical examination; the requirements will be based on the duration of your stay in the country and health scares associated with your home country.

While living in Australia, you are expected to have a health insurance plan; you can get coverage by getting an overseas student health insurance policy.

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