Australian Blue Heeler

Buying an Australian Blue Heeler? Learn more about the Blue Heeler Australian Cattle Dogs and their excellent performance as working dogs across Australia and Canada…

The Blue Australian Heeler is a pure bred Australian cattle dog. It was initially developed for breeding a good quality working dog. Today it is recognized as an excellent work dog and can also be used as a perfect guard dog in the field or at home.

Considered highly intelligent, the Blue Australian Heeler is a quick thinker and very independent in their work practices and requires little or no guidance. It was initially utilized for herding cattle, sheep and goats along with poultry.

However, it can be quite challenging when one has to train this breed for something other than its characteristic work. Nonetheless they make wonderful companions and are quite loyal and enthusiastic towards their owners.

Behavior Patterns and Temperament

The Australian Blue Heeler was actually developed as a herding dog. They are highly enthusiastic and energetic and do not like living alone. With the Blue Heeler in the home, life is always full of activity and there is not a dull moment to speak of.

Facts about the Australian Blue Heeler

To keep the Blue Heeler occupied can be quite a challenge. It is highly energetic and always needs work to do. They must be given a lot of physical exercise to release their energy and also keep them agile. This means that an owner of an Aussie Blue Heeler dog will always be on the look out for activities and training techniques to suit the canine’s temperament.

Space should be ample for accommodating the movements of this agile dog. They are known to be extremely courageous hence used as guard dogs at homes as well as cattle farms serving a dual purpose. Apart from being charming, loyal and intelligent, its alertness is perhaps its most endearing quality.

Origin of the Name of the Australian Blue Heeler

The Blue Heeler Australia has a ruffled and dense coat of hair. The hair is a mix of grey white and blue or red hair which is tightly interwoven and gives it a mottled blue or speckled blue look. The coat must be of a good color and shiny and the tail is always short or nonexistent.

An excellent choice for guard dogs exhibiting a lot of courage; they are also dependable pets, a characteristic common in all canines actually. In order for this energetic dog to be a great pet, it needs to be trained at the young age of 6-8 weeks.

Since it is very agile and frisky, it will be a bit hard to handle the chewy puppy stage if you do not have ample activity for it. Considered very cautious of strangers, they are reserved and guarded in their approach.

The body of the Blue Heeler Australian Cattle dog is well-built and stout and it is endowed with great stamina. The wide head is sloped neatly and lies between the slightly pointed and wide-set ears. The beautiful oval eyes may have a patchy mask on either eye or both, making it a striking look with the glossy coat speckled with blue.

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