Southern California MLS Alliance

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The Southern California MLS Alliance basically refers to the property multiple listings service organizations forming a new mega-data sharing group. This allows a single search platform for the states listings for MLS through MLS Alliance.

Creation of MLS Alliance Southern California

It was a very strong cooperative effort when 10 of the largest multiple listing service organizations in California went on to sign the joint data sharing agreement. This resulted in the formation of a single point for document and data sharing all across California. The portal now allows brokers and agents with one resource that needs to be accessed for real estate data throughout California. This consolidation of real estate information allows for more accurate and timely functioning by real estate brokers.

The MLS Alliance in Southern California is available to more than 150,000 agents and brokers for real estate. There are more than 2 1/2 million active listings, as well as off market properties, in the database. These have been consolidated from the ten individual multiple listing services onto this one system.

Development of the Technology

The entire system was developed and is currently managed by a technology provider  that specializes in real estate data systems known as eNeighborhoods. It is a subsidiary of Dominion Enterprises. The main aim is to establish the alliance and then expand the platform throughout California. This is done by continuously adding new property listings.

Functionality of the MLS Alliance

The MLS Alliance provides a fair platform for brokers to compete on. The database gives out property inventory without any bias. Agents and brokers function throughout the state of California, but might have access to only limited property in Southern California or different regions that they focus on. With the Southern California MLS Alliance, they work outside of the traditional boundaries established by the independent systems. There are more than 45 local real estate associations and brokers that can be serviced by anyone of the ten participating alliance members. The agreement for data sharing encompasses a blanket offer for cooperation between all the authorized users and compensation based on the pre-designed policies.

Benefits of Consolidating In Southern California MLS Alliance

Throughout California there is an expensive statewide and national level regionalization of databases. The Southern California division of the MLS Alliance shows how conveniently the MLS can function in cohesion with each other for more effective results. With more than 150,000 customers, not only are the brokers benefiting from the listings but clients also have access to more property. This is how the entire real estate division in California goes benefits from co-creating an interdependent platform.
The data sharing platform allows the MLS Alliance to communicate in one combined database for the past 10 years. It is utilized by more than 185,000 brokers and agents throughout the country. The software is considered a benchmark in the real estate industry.

However, the real success of the MLS Alliance in Southern California is the fact that the companies have come together using technology. Success comes from the fact that it shows how technology can be effective if implemented properly.

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