Bird Watching in Spain

Thinking about doing some bird watching in Spain? Want to know the best places to go bird watching in Spain? Here we’ve given you the most important facts & information you’ll want to know about bird watching in Spain.

Spain is a wonderfully rich country in terms of wildlife and is home to a vast array of indigenous animals. Spain is a fantastic place to go bird watching because the diverse terrains and climates within its borders ensure a great variety of birds can be spotted while bird watching. Spain is believed to be home to more than 20 different species of birds of prey many of which are rare and highly prized by bird watching enthusiasts. A significant proportion of these bird species are indigenous to Spain while others migrate to and from Spain on a yearly basis; however,  all of these birds will be of interest to bird watching fans.

Bird watching in Spain: Indigenous bird species

Among the many species of birds in Spain that bird watching lovers will want to see are the Egyptian and Griffin Vultures as well as the Golden Eagle. Bird watching fans will also be interested to know that there are approximately 400 Black Vultures indigenous to Spain. The Black Vulture of Spain is the biggest bird of prey that is indigenous to Europe. Anyone hoping to spot a Black Vulture whilst bird watching in Spain would be advised to visit the national parks in Andalusia in Southern Spain or to the Sierra Palada.

Migratory bird watching in Spain

If you’re hoping to spot a specific species whilst bird watching in Spain, be aware that many birds are migratory and are only in Spain for about half of the year. One example of a migratory bird that is quite rare in the rest of Europe but very easy to find in Spain is the White Stork. These birds migrate from Africa to Spain between January and February and make nests in very visible places. Bird watching enthusiasts hoping to spot a white stork in Spain will be pleased to know that these birds often make their nests in urban areas so they are easy to find.  Another migratory species you will want to see while bird watching is the Flamingo that comes over to Spain in thousands during the spring and summer.

Wetland bird watching in Spain

Spain provides ample opportunity to do some wetland bird watching. Among the many species of bird that can be spotted whilst bird watching in the wetlands of Spain are various types of duck and cranes.  The best places to do wetland bird watching in Spain are the coastal wetland areas including the Ebro Delta as well as the national park in Donana.

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