Australian Citizenship Test

Preparing for the Australian citizenship test? Read ahead to prepare successfully by knowing the contents of the Australian citizenship tests and practice questions…

The main content of the Australian citizenship test is comprised of 20 questions that are randomly selected from a pool of predetermined questions. In order to pass the Australian citizenship test a person is required to score at least 75% on the test.

That means out of the 20 questions that are asked of the candidate, a minimum of 15 must be correctly answered in order for the candidate to pass the Australian citizenship test successfully.

In order to prepare successfully for the test it is important for everyone to understand what content is part of the testable section. This information is available in a well-designed resource book which has been specially designed with this in mind.

Most of the questions and topics of the Australian citizenship test have been covered in the book entitled Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. Published by the Australian government. This book is designed to assist all potential candidates under the Australian citizenship and immigration act to successfully pass the test.

Each group has different types of questions in the section for the Australian citizenship test. This test was actually made part of immigration policy in October 2007.

The Main Purpose of The Australian Citizenship Test

By including the Australian citizenship test as part of the immigration procedure there are two objectives that the government aims to cover. One is to assess the candidates understanding and grasp of the official language of Australia, which is English.

Furthermore, with uniquely designed content that covers local Australian information the government aims to understand the degree of comprehension of Australian values by the candidate. Not only is it essential for an applicant to understand the values and be well versed in the history of Australia, but also to understand and recognize the national symbols and different traditions followed in the country.

The aim of the Immigration Department is to ensure that a person migrating to Australia can be assimilated into this multicultural society. This can be assessed by the person’s interest or knowledge base of the traditions, values and national icons of the Australian nation.

Basic Considerations for the Australian Citizenship Test

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship produces a booklet, which is the basis of a computerized Australian citizenship test. This means that the candidate must also have a basic working knowledge of computers in order to feel comfortable and attempt the test. There are a total of 200 confidential questions and the 20 questions for the test are drawn from these preselected questions. Candidates are given only 45 minutes to complete the test and all the material and the test itself is available in English only.

Hence, it is essential that only candidates who have a good grasp of the English language attempt the Australian citizenship test. All the  material for the questions is derived from the handbook known as ‘Becoming an Australian Citizen’ and copies of this book are published by the Australian Government department of Immigration and Citizenship. The book is also available online and even though there is a requirement of a certain percentile to pass the test, three questions are mandatory and must be answered correctly. It is essential that every candidate pass this test and then submit the citizenship application. If the candidate does not pass the test then the citizenship application is rejected.

Applicants for the Citizenship

Applicants for Australia have to schedule their appointment for taking the test. Appointments can be scheduled through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship or the local consulate where a candidate is based. Interestingly enough, the timing and wait period for the Australian citizenship test is quite long and in Australia itself may vary from four to six months. That means that on an international level and the timing will be even longer, because the candidate must plan the entire immigration procedure keeping these factors in mind.

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