Australian Cypress Flooring

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Australian cypress flooring has taken the world of interior designing by storm. These hardwood flooring options are giving homes a more elegant and rustic look and they are certainly easier on the eyes than laminate flooring. Depending on the type of wood used, this can be one of the most durable and good looking flooring options. Fortunately, the development of the wood flooring industry means that you can use just about any wood that you like in your home.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to hardwood flooring; however, traditional oak flooring is now being replaced by imported species from Brazil, Africa and the other countries around the world. And these latest models are fast turning into the most sought after interior designing trends. Australian cypress flooring and cherry wood flooring from Brazil are all the rage these days.

There are several benefit to choosing Australian cypress flooring instead of the other flooring options. Not only does it look better but it is also very durable. Australian cypress flooring can add to the ambience of any room; these flooring options work with any type of decor and suit all types of furnishings. However, you need to consider the durability, color and hardness of Australian cypress flooring before choosing it for a particular room in your home.

Australian cypress flooring has a rich earthy tone that is hard to miss; you will also notice a distinct resemblance to the knotty pine. This look helps it to balance the other wooden furniture in the room because the shade of Australian cypress flooring is a very subtle brown, sporadic green mingled with shadowed amber. Australian cypress flooring is very durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear without showing the visible signs of damage. The intricate knots and swirls help to hide scratches and other marks making it the ideal option for any home and any room.

In the last five to seven years Australian cypress flooring has garnered a lot of attention from interior designers and home owners alike; today it is one of the most popular forms of hardwood flooring. However, the erratic swirls of color, the golden knots and the eclectic shades of color may not suit everybody’s taste, even though these very traits have made it the trendiest flooring option in the market today. Fortunately, there is no dearth of varieties when it comes to hardwood flooring and you are certain to find one that will not only suit the decor of your house but also your taste.

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