Spacing Norway Spruce

Pacing your Norway spruce is crucial considering it will grow a lot over the years. Whether you want it for landscaping or a windbreak read our guide for the facts & information you need…

The Norway spruce is a native of Europe and grows well in the U.S. in zones 2 through 7. It prefers cold weather and does not grow well in climates that are hot or arid. In many rural areas of the country it is the preferred tree for windbreaks since its dense growth and flexible wood make it resistant to winds of over 100 miles an hour.

Spacing Norway Spruce For WindBreaks

A fast growing species, the Norway spruce can attain heights of over 100 feet and base diameters of over 40 feet. In optimal conditions it grows over 3 feet in height per year. If the tree is being planted in a single row as a windbreak, it should be spaced about 14′ apart. Trees of about 10 feet in height are preferred for this application. Double row windbreaks may be spaced 16 feet apart for the maximum benefit. Since the tree is both drought and disease resistant, it requires little maintenance although watering may be necessary during prolonged droughts.

Spacing for Landscapes

In landscaping it is important to place these trees well away from buildings since their extensive root structure may damage foundations or clay plumbing pipes and, as they grow, their lower branches may cause damage to siding. As a specimen tree, they are best in a large open area, but they may also be used at a property’s perimeter to create a privacy screen. When used as a screen, Norway spruce may be spaced as a windbreak at 14 feet to 16 feet apart.

Spacing Norway Spruce Seedlings

Except in commercial nurseries where seedlings will be replanted or harvested before they reach full growth, seedlings should be spaced with the same considerations as older trees. Most planters who use the trees as windbreaks or privacy screens purchase 10 foot trees since smaller trees will take several extra years to become large enough to perform the intended function. If planted as an ornamental, the eventual size of the tree should be considered and the seedling should be placed well away from buildings in an open area.

Norway spruce spacing is critical in landscaping applications since many homeowners fail to consider the fast growing habit and large size of this hardy tree. Trees intended for privacy screens may be planted slightly farther apart than those intended as windbreaks since the extra density needed for windbreaks may not be necessary in privacy screens.

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