Australian Doberman Breeders

Thinking about buying a pet Doberman? Want to know more about Australian Doberman breeders? Read our factual and informative guide…

When buying a new Doberman puppy, it is essential to check out the individual dog for likes, temperament, behavior and dislikes. It is imperative to choose a good and experienced breeder when getting a new puppy. This is one way to ensure that you are getting a dog that is well taken care of, and one that does not have health or temperament related issues.  Not only will this cost you money but it will also be responsible for a lot of heartache.

Honest, reputable and experienced breeders are selective about the people they sell their puppies to. They raise healthy dogs that are socialized and clean and are kept in humane conditions. If you are not sure a bout a breeder talk to your vet for a referral or contact local Doberman clubs. It is also important to visit the breeder’s location and check out the facility before considering a purchase.
Here are some recommendations from the Humane Society for things to considert when you need to find a good Australian Doberman breeder.

Try hard to find a breeder who keeps the dogs at home instead of in a pound like facility. Make it a point to visit the breeder so that you can personally take a look at the facility where the dogs were born and are being raised. If the place is well maintained and clean, you can be sure that the breeder is taking good care of his dogs. Talk to the breeder about the type of food that is being given to the puppies; needless to say a good breeder will only feed his dogs premium foods.

Another constraint when choosing an Australian Doberman breeder should be the number of breeds being offered by him/her. It is best to go with somebody who only sells one or two breeds. This way you can be reasonably sure about the purity if the breed. Also a breeder who only offers one or two breeds will be well versed in the temperament and characteristics of those breeds, which can prove tremendously helpful for a new owner.

A good Australian Doberman breeder will know about any genetic issues that are encountered in the breed that he offers. Ensure that the dogs appear healthy and happy and are willing to socialize with you. It is also important to get the whole family along to meet the newest member. Make it a point to ask about the puppy’s parents and if possible see at least one if them to ensure that you are purchasing a puppy that has healthy parents.

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