Food in Turkey

Want to know what Turkish people eat? If you are visiting Turkey on holiday or vacation you are in for a culinary treat.

The food in Turkey is delicious. Turkey enjoys an abundance of fresh food produced locally because of the pleasant climate and rich soil. The long coastline Turkey has along the Mediterranean Sea means there is always plenty of fresh sea food on offer. In fact, Turkey is one of the few countries that produces more food than it consumes and is able to export food surpluses. One shortcoming of Turkey as a large tourist destination is the lack of foreign food available in Turkey; however, Turkish food is wonderful and makes up for the dearth of foreign food varieties.

Breakfast food in Turkey

The food eaten for breakfast in Turkey is similar to the food found in a typical Western breakfast. Fresh Turkish bread is usually served with butter, honey, jam, feta cheese and olives. Tea is usually served to wash down the food at breakfast. Alternatively hot milk sweetened with honey is available. If you get bored of the same old food everyday for breakfast when you are in Turkey, then visit the local pastry shop which serves many delicious foods. There is a special pastry eaten for breakfast in Turkey which is stuffed with cheese and parsley and served warm. There is also a kind of breakfast soup which when eaten with Turkish bread can be a very filling food.

Food for lunch and dinner in Turkey

People in Turkey usually eat lunch at about midday although the food they have at lunch is the same as the food people in Turkey eat for dinner. Some people in Turkey prefer to eat a lot of food for lunch while others save the big meal for dinner, especially when the weather is cooler. People in Turkey love salad and this is almost always served before the main food course in any big meal. There are many types of delicious salad and dips served at lunch and dinner as appetizers. If you are visiting a town on the coast of Turkey such as Dalyan or Fethiya you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to sea food, which is always caught locally and fresh. Fish is usually fried or poached and served with vegetables and lemon juice. If you prefer eating meat then Turkey has great lamb, chicken and beef which are usually cut up and served as a kebab. Kebab is a staple food in Turkey and is charcoal grilled before being served in pita bread stuffed with salad and sauce.

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