Australian Guide To Healthy Eating

Trying to lose weight and wantto know about the guide to healthy eating from Australia? Want to know about the recommendations in the Aussie healthy eating guide? Read on…

There isn’t a soul on the planet who does not enjoy indulgence; treating ourselves to something special that is not a part of our everyday routine; the thoughts of luxury whether they apply to the clothes we wear, the food we eat or the cars we drive give us an innate sense of pleasure.

Unfortunately, some of these indulgences turn into a curse in the long run. For instance, heaping your sandwiches with too much cheese can lead to cardiac concerns. A small amount of sugar is good and needed for the proper functioning of the body but when you over do it, you are putting yourself at great risk so here is a look at some of the guidelines prescribed by the Australian guide to healthy eating

Stay away from junk food; bet you have heard this one before but take a look at some alarming figures before you make up your mind:

A hot cross bun has only 2.5 gms of fat and even if you were to add a spreading of butter on it, you would only be taking the fat content up to 6.5 gms whereas a cinnamon sugar doughnut of the same size can have more than double the fat content at 12.5 gms

A baked potato is as delicious as a pack of hot chips but the former gives you fiber, potassium and vitamin C while the latter is fat laden junk with as much as 23 grams of transfats.

However, eating healthy does not mean starving yourself or keeping yourself away from the food items that you enjoy. Moderation is the key to healthy living as proved by the Australian guide to healthy eating that has a list of food items that can serve you with an additional 140 calories; however, it is recommended that you take no more than 2 ½ servings of these items per day. So you can still eat a delicious meal with a few extras added to tantalize your taste buds and yet keep your weight in check.

Ice cream: 1 1/2 scoop
Soft drink: 1 can
Cake: 1 slice not more than 40 grams
Chocolate: a bar of 25 grams
Hot chips: 60 grams or twelve pieces
Potato chips: 30 grams
Pastry: 60 grams
Biscuits: 35 grams or 4 pieces

Use the 90/10 rule for eating healthy, this way you can enjoy the things that you like and yet stay healthy. So according to this rule, you need to diligently ensure that 90% of the things that you eat through out the day have to be healthy, so we are talking about fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, low fat dairy, sprouts, whole grain products , nuts etc. If you are strict with yourself through out the day; there should be no harm in indulging yourself a little and using the other 10% of your nutritional requirement for grabbing food items that you enjoy.

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