Australian Institute of Fitness

Joining the Institute of Fitness Australian? Read on to discover more about the Institute of Fitness Australia to empower yourself with trainer skills…

There are different profiles possible for people who visit the Australian Institute of Fitness for training as a fitness professional and developing a career. Employees include an accomplished team of professional workers like fitness and swimming instructors, personal trainers and gym professionals.

Each of the groups has expertise in its own field and there is no lack of professionals for clients looking for personal well-being and improved fitness.

The Australian Institute of fitness has spearheaded a revolution in physical, emotional and mental well-being. This industry is focused on making you feel energized to approach the challenges of life in a positive and dynamic manner.

Curriculum Offered by the Australian Institute of Fitness

The Australian Institute of fitness not only trains professional but also provides career paths towards the fitness industry across Australia. The training industry and fitness and well-being segments have seen a great rise in the last two decades. To cater to the need for skilled and trained professionals required by different fitness centers across the country, the Australian Institute of Fitness has taken on the challenge of supplying well-trained professionals.

There are different career paths and some of the training programs include the esteemed Master Trainer Program, which helps you become a personal trainer. The second category of the training program is the Gym Fitness Instructor Program, which helps a person become a well-qualified and trained gym instructor. After completing this one can go on to develop their career as a Master Trainer.

Another program covered under the curriculum of the Australian Institute of Fitness is the Group Fitness Instructor Program. This allows people to develop their skills and career path in one of the more entertaining aspects of fitness whereby one can teach a group in the role of a group instructor. The Aqua Fitness Instructor program trains you to become an instructor in a swimming pool, which includes learning how to teach swimming and different water-based exercises.

A special course customized for businessmen and their fitness requirements is structured under the Executive Master Trainer Program, a customized program. Finally to cater to physical health and emotional well-being there is an option to train as a massage therapist.

Master Trainer Advantage Program

Just one of a myriad of training programs at the Australian Institute of Fitness is a comprehensive training and skill development package called the Master Trainer Advantage. This comprehensive program includes interactive workshops, with the course material accelerated to match the pace of the trainees skill set to ensure quick completion for the motivated trainee.

The coursework is interspersed with small assessments, which are quite simple but which gauge the progress of the candidate from time to time. Options include the choice to get international or national certification depending on the course material. Each of the courses is nationally recognized. Being one of the most sought-after training programs in the fitness industry, the certification actually lets fitness experts fast-track their career. It is considered one of the most successful training programs because it is based on different theories that incorporate a foundation of health and fitness.

It includes a very scientific approach to exercise while introducing the importance of communication between the trainee or the gym user and the personal trainer. Basically five-star levels of professional and personalized training skills are taught to each of the candidates who enroll in the Australian Institute of Fitness’ Master training program. The overall curriculum would be incomplete without its focus on sports and healthy nutrition.

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