American Silver Eagle Burnished

Interested in American silver eagle burnished? Find out about the special burnished silver eagles released by the US Mint…

The United States mint first started minting its collection of uncirculated burnished silver eagle coins in 2006. Since they were minted in the West Point facility of New York they had the W mint mark for identification purposes. These burnished coins were minted in limited numbers which is what makes them special.

These American Eagle silver burnished coins continue to rise in popularity as time passes by. The 2007 and 2008 burnished silver eagles are actually collectable versions of the official bullion coin. As the name suggests the coins have been struck on burnished blanks and as mentioned above they are characterized by the W mint mark.

Both these coins were selling like hot cakes in the market. The 2007 burnished silver eagles were sold out in the market by the end of February. If you want to get your hands on the 2007 burnished silver eagle coins then you will have to purchase them as part of the 2007 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set. One of the reasons why the 2007 burnished silver eagle sold out during the initial part of the year was because that year the US Mint had a very limited minting capacity. Hence there was a natural shortage of the coins in the market and the number of coins released was quickly sold out. Having said that, the sales of the coins were also high during the year.

The 2008 burnished silver eagle was released in the market around mid march. Despite the sharp drop in the price of silver the sales of the coin were relatively strong. One of the factors that contributed to the high sales of the 2008 burnished silver eagle collection was the fact that a large quantity was actually purchased in lieu of regular bullion coins that had a shortage of supply.

Many of the coins were also purchased in search of the reverse 2007 variety. The Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set was released by the US mint in July. The set also had the highly sought after 2008 W Unc Silver Eagle.

These Silver Eagle burnished coins could be purchased separately. They were also being offered as part of the 20th Anniversary Sets. The short sales period along with the sell out of the single coins prior to the year end contributed to the lower mintage that was experienced during the year. The 2006 Burnished Silver Eagles Sales reaped a massive 200,000. The 20th century anniversary silver set however yielded 250,000.

Some of the anniversary sets also featured gold burnished coins along with the silver variety. Currently both the prices of gold and silver are going up. This means that the price for the burnished silver eagles is likely to rise. This is a good time to sell your burnished silver eagles rather than buying them.

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