Polish Cuisine in Australia

Looking for Polish Aussie cuisine? Learn more about this unique cuisine that evolved from Slavic culinary traditions by enjoying traditional Polish cuisine in Australia itself…

Polish cuisine in Australia has become very popular because it is based on using chicken in a variety of interesting ways. The cuisine is a combination of different tradition Slavic cooking practices, including a heavy use of winter vegetables like cabbage. Noodles are an integral ingredient as well. The most popular dish is the pierogi. Similar to various Slavic cuisines, Polish cuisine in Australia extensively uses different cereals and kasza. The best way to define Polish cuisine is to classify it as a substantial meal.

Three Courses in the Polish cuisine in Australia

Based on three courses the meal starts with bullion, beet or tomato soup. An appetizer follows this. One of the more famous appetizers is made from herring that is cooked in oil or vinegar and sometimes in cream for a richer version. Other appetizers may include vegetable and fish prepared in aspic along with different types of meats that have been cured.

The main course is based around meat. This can be a roast or breaded cutlet. In traditional Polish cuisine the vegetables were served as shredded root vegetables, which were seasoned with sugar and lemon or fermented cabbage. However, shredded salad leaf and other commonly used vegetables, with minimal use of cabbage, normally accompany Polish cuisine in Australia.

Side dishes include kasha or cereals and even potatoes that have been boiled to a soft consistency. The most popular dessert to finish off Polish cuisine meal is a yeast cake known as an owka or perhaps the flavor laden poppy seed cake known as a makowiec.

Staple Traditional Food Items in Polish Cuisine

Often considered very boring in terms of its use of ingredients, Polish cuisine in Australia actually has more variety and flavor than the basic fare in its country of origin.

For someone who wants to enjoy the traditional cuisine it is basically a good idea to start off with the traditional and long-standing recipes, which include noodle-based recipes. You can also partake of filled ravioli or dumplings, which are known as pierogi and are a true gastronomic treat.

These delicious crescent shaped pouches are rich with ingredients. Either crispy fried or boiled they are delicious in every form. Filled with meat, cabbage, cheese or absolutely nothing the variety is as mind-boggling as it is delicious when it melts in the mouth. Sometimes the sweeter version is available with a filling of raisins and sweetened cottage cheese, while the topping is made of sweet fresh cream.

Another popular item is a traditional stew that is cooked by the Polish people and is known as bigos. It is the traditional hunter’s stew, which is served with great fanfare and pride at every restaurant that specializes in Polish cuisine in Australia.

Use of Cabbage in Polish Cuisine in Australia

Cabbage in fresh or fermented form is an integral ingredient for most of the recipes. It is used as a whole or mixed with meat and a puree of tomato. The accompanying ingredients are potatoes, which are boiled or rye bread. Touted as a nutritious and healthful food, the readily available cabbage contains a high degree of vitamin C and other healthful nutrients and forms an important part of the different dishes.

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