Australian Light Infantry

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The 1 RAR, 2 RAR and 3 RAR are all units f the Australian light infantry. As a matter of fact, given Australia’s large landmass, people often wonder why all Australian light infantry units do not have airborne capabilities. The 3RAR has led numerous battles across borders and it is the only parachute infantry battalion in the Australian army. With the other members of the parachute battalion, the 3 RAR is also responsible for providing rapid action capacity.

One company of the 3 RAR battalion is always maintained on high alert and can be deployed at 24 hours notice. The 3 RAR is also capable of operating as a light infantry battalion if and when need be. The 3RAR is also in a position to provide commandos to assist in the operations of the 3 RAR; however, this is not the most preferred option because the 4 RAR has its own commitments to tackle.
In 2011, the 3 RAR is poised to move to the Lavarak Barracks.

However, many people are not in favor of continuing the 3 RAR’s parachute status. One of the reasons why it is not possible to give airborne capability to all the Australian light infantry units is because it would not be feasible to transport a big number of parachute troops. Therefore, despite the fact that some people are averse to the idea of maintaining 3 RAR’s airborne capability; the fact remains that 3 RAR will continue to have parachute capabilities at least for a few more years to come.

In recent years, the 3 RAR Australian light infantry unit has fought in numerous countries including Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq, the 3 RAR Australian light infantry unit was the first Australian military unit to lose a soldier in battle. While in Afghanistan the 3 RAR Australian light infantry unit was deployed as part of Task Force 4.

The unit has also fought numerous other battles such as South Vietnam, where the 3 RAR Australian light infantry unit served two tours of Vietnam. The battalion was involved in several activities such as mine clearing, rockets tasks and counter mortar.

The 3 RAR Australian light infantry unit was also deployed to the Solomon Islands to provide support to the local law enforcement authorities in maintaining peace and order. Similarly the 3 RAR unit played a vital role in the Australian intervention in East Timor. The battalion arrived by sea at Dilli and was responsible for the city. The 3 RAR troops have also served in Malaysia

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