Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico

Looking for real estate in Puerto Escondido Mexico? Want to know about surf season and vacation packages in Puerto Escondido? Our guide gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Puerto Escondido is a small town located in the state of Oaxaca in the south east of Mexico. Although not particularly famous as a tourist destination, it is extremely well known amongst surfer as being one of the best spots in the world to go surfing. Located on the shores of the north Pacific Ocean, the water conditions are considered ideal for surfing.

Puerto Escondido Surfing Beaches

The population of Puerto Escondido is only about 20,000 although every year the small Mexican town receives thousands of visitors who come to surf off the coast of Zicatela beach. Zicatela beach is known worldwide amongst the surfing community because the waves are massive. Even if you are not a surfer you can still relax and enjoy watching world-class surfers challenging the waves.

Main Beach is not as popular for surfing aficionados although it’s still a great place to swim, fish or dive. If you are just learning to surf, this would be the place to learn before you attempt to tackle the giant waves on Zicatela beach.

Even if you are not into surfing, however, you’ll still find plenty of things to do including various water based activities like fishing, scuba diving , snorkeling or just relaxing on the beaches.

Puerto Escondido Travel

Getting to Puerto Escondido is relatively easy and there are various transport options available to you depending on your mode of transport. There is an airport in the area that serves Oaxaca from which daily flights from Mexico City land. The flight from Mexico City takes about 45 minutes. Alternatively you can drive to Puerto Escondido from Oaxaca City which is 324km north.  There is also a road connection from Acapulco which is 400 km away from Puerto Escondido.

Puerto Escondido Hotels

There are plenty of small hotels available in Puerto Escondido where you can stay for the duration of your vacation. Alternatively you could rent a small house located near the beach. Most of the restaurants in Puerto Escondido serve good local Mexican food, although there are a few places where you can find fast food or European food.



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