Australian Parti Labradoodle

Buying an Australian Parti Labradoodle? Learn about the allergy friendly Parti Australian Labradoodles and their characteristics…

The Parti Australian Labradoodles are exceptionally beautiful and are the perfect choice for puppies on sale. They are the ideal family companions as they can be trained easily as house pets. A good breeder of the Australian Parti Labradoodle will offer the ideal stock dog for creating a pure and good litter of breeding stock. There are breeders who concentrate on simply developing a line of multi-generations of the same dog. Using high-quality bloodlines of identifiable sires and dams the breeding centers raise and maintain the proper environment for the dogs.

It is very important to analyze the trainability as well as the temperament of the dogs and the idea is to find breeders who have raised the pups with a human family and preferably with young children. Australian Labradoodle breeders who raise the pups with their own families to incorporate socializing skills into the canine’s personality have brought some of the best breeding stock up.

Personality of the Australian Parti Labradoodles

The ideal canine should be healthy and have a well-rounded personality. The dog must have the right characteristics, which match the standards to make it conformation correct, as this is an exceptionally beautiful canine breed.

The excellent genetic health is another important consideration and the dog is bred to ensure that the bloodline carried forward isn’t prone to creating allergies and triggering asthma in human companions. Thus, the Australian Labradoodle has become the favorite family dog for families in Australia as well as across the world.

One of the first Australian breeders was the Sunset Hills kennel, which specialized in breeding the Australian Parti Labradoodle. This was actually done using the careful application of newer technology, which included the esteemed and limited prcd PRA genetic eye testing along with the use of the vWD genetic testing methods, which were used to supplement the first test. Its supplier is known for its rigorous and complete testing programs for maintaining sound genetic health for the Australian Labradoodle breed that is sold from its litters.

Origins of the Breed for Allergy Free Service Dog

The Australian Parti Labradoodle is a cross breed developed by mixing the bloodlines of a standard poodle with a Labrador retriever. This was developed, in part, in to create an assistance dog that would also be free of triggers for asthma and allergies.

The breed is only two or three decades old and the high quality offspring resulting from these progenies initially did not deliver on the desired service qualities or exhibit a coat that was non-shedding. However, with constant crossing breeding through careful selection of the sires and dams the eventual desired results for the Parti Labradoodle Australia became a reality. The resultant breed has a reputation of being asthma friendly and allergy free. Along with this the canine is of a very good temperament and service quality, which makes it ideal as a companion dog and a family pet.

There are an exceptional number of breeders focusing on developing and maintaining the characteristics of the Australian Parti Labradoodle as it has become an indispensable companion for those requiring a dog that is service friendly and is a of benefit to those suffering from allergies who want to own a dog.

Breeder Guarantees for the Australian Parti Labradoodles

It is always important to purchase a dog from a breeder who gives a guarantee certificate. Non-disclosure statements should not be signed with any of the canine sellers and it is the duty of every buyer to check that the breeder conducts health testing.

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