Flotilla Cruise Holidays Croatia

Flotilla Cruise holidays are the best option to utilize these leisure days, from sightseeing to being closer to nature. To find out the best ways to get on a cruise holiday in Croatia, read our guide for more facts and information…

Croatia, or locally pronounced the Republika Hrvatska, lies in the northeast region of the Adriatic ocean with numerous beaches and part of the oceans to choose for cruising. The country is divided into four major territories, where each territory has a unique heritage and beauty to offer.

The coastline is about 3000 miles long, with thousands of islands to explore during your flotilla cruise. The best place to start your flotilla cruise is Dubrovnik, in the south region of Croatia. This city is very close to Adriatic Ocean, and often referred to as Pearl of the Adriatic for its abundant costal sceneries with predictable tides and winds. You can enjoy sailing, fishing, and sightseeing in the ocean as well as cruising forward to the northern regions.

On your charts, you will find numerous gorgeous places like Korkula, Nvar, Makarska, Sibenik and more to visit. Most of these small beach towns are equally hospitable, with friendly locals, natural sceneries, healthy resources, and different entertainment options.

Croatia Cruise Holiday Entertainment

The Croatian coasts and cities have preserved the nature of the mountains, waterfalls, forests, rivers, islands, beaches, as well as the ocean itself. You can visit and get lost in mystic coves, or enjoy the waterfall sights. The best flotillas are spacious enough to accommodate a whole group of up to 25 people, or you can enjoy a family tour in comparatively smaller gullets of 10 people. You can rent these flotillas for a good price, with or without a crew.

A flotilla with a limited crew including the sailors, cook, and maid will preserve enough privacy along with a comfort of service. You should make sure that your sailors and cook understand English or any other second language you speak. This way, you will be able to enjoy the local recipes and have a more interesting holiday voyage across the oceans. You can even stop your flotilla at a remote island in the ocean, and enjoy serene campfires, nightlife, and gentle hospitality of the locals.

Planning your Flotilla Cruise

You should plan according to your tour route before starting your vacation. There are numerous online portals showing the coastline information and hotel, or flotilla booking facilities. You can plan your chart using these resources. The best adventure can be achieved while you pass the night in your flotilla, amidst the waters of the Adriatic. You should know the cruise duration from one port to another.

Finally, calculating these times, you can predefine your total cruise time and approximate the budget as needed. This estimate will make your holiday cruise in Croatia far more memorable and exciting. Even renting a flotilla from the port and venturing on a blind cruise can also add excitement to your holidays in Croatia. So, do not hesitate to plan your holidays for a flotilla cruise in Croatia and gather once in a lifetime experience.

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