Australian Passport Application Information

Do you want to apply for an Australian passport? Are you an Australian citizen who would like to travel abroad and are interested in getting information about the procedure to get an Australian passport? Read our informative and factual guide…

Like all other countries in the world, the Australian Government issues a passport to its citizens which is the primary document required to travel outside the country legally. Fortunately, the application procedure for an Australian passport is fairly simple and quick. However, ensure that you have your passport in hand before booking airline tickets so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of ticket cancellation.

In order to apply for an Australian passport, you will need the passport application form, two passport sized photographs and information about the local post office.
There are two ways to get the passport application form, you can either get it from your nearest post office or you could download it from the government website. If you intend to use the internet to procure the form, you will need to answer a few questions about your age, your current place of residence and if you intend to renew the passport or need a new one.
The application form has several sections and each one will have to be duly filled. The sections include; personal information, information about past passport, identity proof as well as information about the guarantor; an Australian citizen who can vouch for your identity.

You will need to submit the form in person at the nearest post office; you will also need to carry two documents that can be used for photo identification of the applicant; These documents should be current and the photographs on them should be no more than 6 months old.

The next step is to pay the fees; the amount will vary depending on the type of passport that you are applying for and the frequency of your travel. It is imperative to follow all instructions accurately and fill in the correct information; if the application form has not been downloaded and you have got it from the local post office ensure that it is filled in block letters in black ink.

The guidelines for the type of photograph; its size etc, are clearly given on the application form and should be followed diligently. Affixing an incorrect photograph will result in the denial of your application and you will have to go through the entire procedure again.

Read all instructions before you fill in the form and ensure that all the required information has to be clearly stated. If you haven’t yet got an Australian passport; this can restrict your travel and prevent you from enjoying the other countries and cultures around the world.

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