French Interior Door

Want to buy French interior doors? Do you know how to tell an authentic French interior door from a fake? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Instead of settling with your average interior doors, why not go for some French interior doors the next time you are renovating or building a house? These interior doors add elegance to any home and can also be even more practical than their normal alternatives. French interior doors can be tailored to your exact specifications and come in a range of woods including poplar, oak, cherry, hickory, walnut and ash. These interior doors come in one of two types, regularly opening French doors or bi-folds.

Interior French Door Panels

The main feature of French interior doors is their large glass panels which occupy most of the door. However within this glass comes a number of features in the type of glass as well as the number of divides in the glass. The traditional design has wooden mullions separating the glass panes into five; ten or even 15 separate squares or rectangles. This gives more of a separation between the two rooms either side of the door. If you want more of an open feeling while the doors are closed, then you can get French interior doors with only one large pane of glass in each door- similar to French patio doors– , you can also get the shape of wooden mullions grooved into the glass. If this does not give you enough privacy, then you may like to have the glass frosted or beveled in order to make seeing through it less possible. This typically makes the doors seem heavier yet more elegant.

French interior bi-fold doors can be used when you are dealing with larger spaces or you want to divide a space temporarily. This way you can close the bi-folds to make a room smaller, or open them up to make two rooms seem joined enough to be both accessible at the same time.  Just like the normal doors, the glass in these bi-folds can be either clear or tempered as well as being beveled.  This beveling can be of almost any pattern and this can become a feature of the room in itself. Together with this, sectioning off a small part of the room can make your house seem larger by making the area beyond the French interior door seem a lot bigger itself. As there are so many types of these doors, the chances are that you will find one perfect for your home and if not, you can almost have some elegant French doors especially made.

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