Australian Saddle Pad

Selecting an Australian saddle pad? Learn more about the different soft ride and long haul selection of Australian saddle pads…

Australian saddle pads are crafted out of premium materials, which include felt, neoprene, wool and foam. The aim is to craft different saddle pads for each type of saddle and riding purpose.

Superior product quality combined with great prices and a wide variety of saddle pads to choose from make this an interesting and exciting purchase for any horse rider.
When choosing an Australian saddle pad one must ensure that the product is comfortable and compliant with an Australian saddle.

Benefits of Using Saddle Pads

The basic benefit of the saddle pad is derived from its ability to keep the saddle in tiptop shape. It stays clean and the wear and tear on the saddle underside is drastically reduced. Apart from this a good saddle pad helps in distributing the weight of the saddle evenly across the back of the horse, thereby minimizing pressure on the bone and increasing comfort for the horse.

The Premium Shaped Trail Rider Comfort Pad is crafted out of wool felt specifically for the Australian saddle. The topside and underside both are made out of 100% wool and wool felt. The trimming is a contrasting colour and the leather tabs ensure that it can be fitted to the saddle and prevents slippage.

Variety of Australian Saddle Pads

The foam saddle pad can be used to correct any misshaped back. Thus the same saddle can be utilized by a rider on different horse backs. This means that the foam saddle pad can be placed between the basic personal saddle and the regular saddle pad as an added cushion to fill the gaps.

A great product known as Soft Ride Airflow is a breathable pad that is patented and crafted out of neoprene. It is shock absorbent and can be cleaned very easily. The design conforms to prevent the saddle from slipping and even offers three times the padding of a conventional saddle pad. Available in different sizes, this saddle pad is comfortable for long rides.

The versatile Handy Trail Rider Pad provides another great option. Crafted especially for trail riding the binding is formulated from natural fibers to minimize the irritation to the horse. There is a fleece lining on the underside panel, while the top line is contoured for comfort.

The Premium Shaped Wool model conforms to the shape of the stock Australian saddle and has wool felt lining and cover. Finished with special leather strips, the saddle pad can be fixed to the saddle to prevent it from slipping.

The Felt Wither Pad has cooling air vents and its one-inch thick Australian saddlebag is actually classified as a wither adjustment pad crafted out of solid felt.

It is important to get the perfect fit and match the Australian saddle pad to conform to the saddle and your riding requirements. There are customized ortho saddle pads that allow a rider to get the maximum advantage and pleasure out of their riding experience.

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