Australian Sandstone Wall Cladding

Do you want to know more about the Australian sandstone wall cladding? Then read our informative and factual guide…

There are several different types of Australian stone wall cladding and each one of them is equally beautiful and will give your home a stunning look. Among the more popular Australian sandstone claddings are those that are made from high grade local sandstone cut in Australia.

One of the primary advantages of opting for Australian sandstone wall cladding is that unlike the bulky and expensive sandstone blocks that need to be laid by a qualified mason; with the Australian sandstone cladding you can simply call over a local handy man and get the job done at a relatively affordable price.

If you have an old, faded wall that is spoiling the look of your home and if you don’t want to opt for a run of the mill solution like paint, you should definitely consider Australian sandstone cladding to turn the wall into a masterpiece. The thin sheets of premium grade sandpaper can be attached to any hard surface or blue board masonry.

Australian sandstone cladding is prefect for fireplaces, foyers and feature walls. You can also use it on an outside facade, particularly on retaining walls, water features and fence walls.. Or if you are really innovative, try making your brick house with Australian sandstone facade.

A few years ago these thin sandstone sheets were only available to architects and interior designers; fortunately, today they are being sold in the open market for the general public.

Good quality Australian sandstone wall cladding is generally available in a standard besser block size of 200×400 mm with the end returns. But you can also get the manufacturer or retailer to cut it to your specifications, depending on the purpose or use. There are several companies that not only offer Australian sandstone wall cladding but a whole range of products such as marble tiles, marble pavers, sandstone pavers, terrazzo floors and polished concrete floors.

When choosing a company that offers Australian sandstone wall cladding, ensure that you choose company that has its own stone masons on site to help and advise you on your ideas for sandstone sculptures or with any designing questions that you may have. If you are looking for a cheap yet impressive looking renovation option Australian sandstone wall cladding may be the answer for you.
These thin stone slabs are ideal for a variety of uses and a good company will be able to help you with the attributes of the various stones and how and where they can be used.

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