Mexican Yoga Blankets

Are you looking for Mexican yoga blankets that will enhance your exercise and meditation? Then read our guide for more facts and information…

Yoga blankets are known as the most versatile yoga prop as they can be rolled to be used as a bolster, act as a stable yet yielding shoulder, restorative poses and Pranayama practice. They also add to the warmth under and over your body for final relaxation. A good yoga blanket comes in various styles, designs, shapes and weights.

Yoga mats vs. Mexican blankets

Mexican yoga blankets are becoming increasingly popular with many exercisers moving away from the traditional yoga mats and buying Mexican yoga blankets.

Comfort and color

Firstly, the Mexican yoga blankets are made from wool which adds softness to the texture soft, making them perfect for yoga. They come in super sizes which are hand loomed, cotton blend, acrylic as well as polyester. This makes them natural and organic unlike the yoga pads available in the markets and used in yoga schools.

They are high quality blankets which can be easily washed in a regular washing machine. The Mexican yoga blankets come in many varieties which differ in weight and weave of the blankets. They are loosely woven for comfort, extra padding, warmth and support for yoga positions. The traditional blankets come in bright colors and are sure to add a splash of color to any space or yoga studio. The colors depend from lot to lot leaving every piece unique and different from the other.


Another important reason is that the Mexican blankets are cheaper than many yoga mats available in stores. Increasingly people are making the switch as Mexican blankets provide the same purpose while costing a whole lot less money.

Where a yoga pad can be used only for exercising your Mexican yoga blanket can be used for a variety of purposes. You can choose to cover yourself up for relaxation or choose to fold them to be used as a cushion or a prop. Take them along when you head out for a picnic or simply hang it on the wall once done with exercising to add a south-western feel to your space.

Furthermore, the Mexican blankets don’t lose their shape or design when tucked and rolled which makes storage easy. So head out to buy a Mexican yoga blankets as given these features there is nothing to worry about.

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