Australian Shepherd Stock Dogs

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There is a wide variety of breeders that service the community interested in herding dogs known as the Australian Shepherd stock dogs. It is important to have the right stock dog to continue breeding and maintaining the characteristics and desired traits of the Australian Shepherd. The proper Australian Shepherd stock dog has a working dog quality, which includes a good work ethic, initiative towards challenging tasks and a well built muscular body that is properly proportioned.

Desired Characteristics of Australian Shepherd Stock dog

The Australian Shepherd is a very energetic and lively dog that requires a lot of activity. These talented dogs are best known for their energy and agility. They like working on challenging tasks and are perfect companions for someone with an active lifestyle.

It is recommended that it be utilized for herding or droving if it is bred for working class purposes. However, as a show dog or a personal pet it is not ideal for an amateur dog owner. They are very active dogs and cannot be left housebound on their own even for a few hours.

Therefore it is recommended that only families take in the Australian shepherds because they require constant companionship. The dog is very loyal and when you purchase a dog for breeding or as a house pet, it will familiarize itself with the family members, but remain shy or aggressive towards outsiders. This quality makes them both excellent guard dogs and household pets.

Clubs for Managing Australian Shepherd Stock Dog Certification

There is a parent club for the Australian Shepard stock dog specifically in Australia. This club is comprised of people who fancy the Australian Shepherd dog. In fact there is also The Australian Shepherd Club of America, which was established as a non-profit corporation and has been in existence since 1957. The development of merit programs under these two organizations has led to the creation of different certifications as well as title creation for the Australian Shepherd breed.

Interestingly enough under the certification offered by these clubs, the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the toy Australian Shepherd are not considered part of the original breed. They are considered a distinct breed on their own and their certification and classification differs completely from that applicable to the original breed of Australian Shepherd.

Preserving Australian Shepherd Stock Dog Bloodline

The mission of the organization is to preserve all of the desired characteristics and original traits of the Australian Shepherd. This will ensure that the pedigree and bloodlines are monitored carefully and the authenticity and origin of the dogs is maintained from generation to generation. In fact there are special awards that are granted to the best sires, kennels and dams.

When it comes to certification and titles for the Australian Shepherd stock dogs, there is a different Australian Shepherd stock dog certification, confirmation, tracking and obedience as well as agility and top junior awards to reward the preservation of the recognized and desired characteristics of Australian Shepherd stock dogs.

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