Norway Skiing Holidays

Are you interested in visiting Norway for a skiing holiday? Then read our guide for more facts and information on ski vacations in Norway…

Norway has about 6 months of snow. So if you are planning to visit the country for a ski trip, plan to go between the months of November and May when there will be guaranteed snow and the best skiing conditions.

The Best Norwegian Ski Resorts

Hemsedal is located in the Hallingdal Valley and considered to be one of the best places to ski in Norway and is the most popular Norwegian ski resort. But, it is only the second biggest ski resort in Norway. This is an extremely child-friendly resort, and it has 48 slopes. The prices start from about £1, 264.00 per person.

Kvitfjell Ski Resort

Kvitfjell is smaller than Hemsdal, but is famous because it hosted the 1994 Olympic Downhill Run. It is located north of Oslo, in Oppland. In 2011 the country’s biggest newspaper ranked this resort as the best alpine ski resort. It offers 20km of downhill slopes. It is not a large resort, with only 6 lifts. Literally translated from Norwegian, ‘Kvitfjell’ means ‘white mountain’.

Norefjel Ski Resort

Norefjell is a resort that is only 100km from Oslo; it hosted the alpine skiing events during the 1952 Oslo Olympics. This resort is located on one of the biggest mountains in Norway, also called Norefjell. Norway’s only ski flying slope is located at Norefjell. Like Kvitfjell, this resort is medium sized, with 10 ski lifts. It is also located in the north of Oslo. This resort is also famous for its spa.

Trysil Ski Resort

Norway’s largest ski resort, Trysil, has more than 70km of runs and 65 slopes. This resort is also very popular with families who have children and it has one of the best ski instruction schools. It is only two and half hour’s drive from Oslo. The resort is also named after the mountain on which it is located, called Trysil.

If you are an avid skier, you may find the Holmenkollen Ski Jump fascinating because it has the world’s oldest ski museum and the most beautiful views of Oslo. It is also the host of the Holmenkollen Ski Festival and in 2011 hosted  The Nordic World Ski Championship. There are more than 8 excellent hotels situated near the jump.

To make life easier during your Norwegian ski holiday, you can purchase a Chipcard which costs NOK 45. This is a lift ticket onto which you pay for the amount of lifts you will be using. It is environmentally friendly as you can load more funds onto one card. And it can be used at several resorts in Norway.

Ice-Fishing in Norway

Most Norwegian ski resorts not only offer skiing facilities. They also offer several other outdoor winter activities such as dog-sledding and ice-fishing. If you choose the perfectly located resort for your Norwegian skiing holiday, you will be able to have day trips into the capital city of Norway, Oslo, to do some shopping and enjoy some other traditional tourist activities. Oslo has more than 50 museums and art galleries. Some of the more famous museums are Munch Museum, The Viking Ship Museum, the National Gallery and the Nobel Peace Center. While in Oslo, you can also visit The Spikersuppa Ice Skating Rink which is located in the middle of Oslo and is free to everyone.

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