Australian Stock Saddle

Buying Australian stock saddle? Learn how to discover the authentic stock saddle Australia and the important aspects of selecting the right saddle…

The famous Australian Stock Saddle is used all over the globe. Different activities on the farm or ranches often require a horse rider to sit in a saddle for a long time. This means that the saddle should be both comfortable and secure as the seat for the rider as well as the horse. The Australian stock saddle is suitable for the use in cattle droving and starting off young horses. It is also quite effective for trail riding, endurance riding as well as recreational riding and even used in polo Crosse or Australian competitions for camp drafting as well as the interesting stockman challenges.

Traditionally it was designed for comfort as well as security in the saddle and was meant to last under very hard and harsh conditions. Even though it has its traditional roots drawn from the English saddle, in terms of the designing of the panels, the seat, stirrup and fenders it differs in that the seat is much deeper. Furthermore, it has a very high cantle and the kneepads are placed right in the front.

These help riders who work in difficult and rough conditions or sit on a saddle for a very long time to maintain a secure stance and be protected at all times. The basic means of attaching the saddle is through the use of a girth. The method utilized for fastening the saddle is similar to that of a dressage saddle with the billets fastened under the flaps.

The surcingle is added on for extra safety. Often a crupper is incorporated to secure the rear of the saddle. It is also optional to add on a breastplate and a saddle blanket known as the numnah under the saddle. This is a beautiful addition that protects the back of the horse and also absorbs its sweat to keep the temperature under control and maintain a comfortable ride for the horse.

Australian Stock Saddle Design

When it comes to the top saddle design from Australian saddle it is known that the tree construction is integral to the finished style and structure of the saddle. The tree construction is crafted out of wood and steel. This will actually determine how the saddle feels for the horse and the rider. The first tree for the saddle made out of wood was crafted by Attila the Hun and became very popular in China as his reign spread from China to the Danube. Medieval knights were credited with introducing steel in the 17th century and now both steel and wood were used in a combination for a more comfortable saddle tree. Because of the webbing in the seat that works like a hammock the rider’s bones never ended up hitting something hard. This led to long duration riding for purposes like ranch work, travel and leisure riding.

The best accessory to work in combination with an Australian stock saddle is considered a whip. This is utilized for droving and herding the cattle during ranch work and also controlling the horse. It is a much more dignified and comfortable manner compared to the regular shouting and yelling of other riders.

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