French Connection Clothing

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A person’s clothing has always been an issue of major concern. Neat and appropriate clothing is demanded at all places. The contemporary world enjoys a wide range of clothing options as there are countless companies that manufacture clothing and sell them. French Connection is one such company clothing. French connection is a clothing firm that has been prominent since the year 1969 in U.K. French connection sells clothing all across the globe. The saga of French Connection dates back to 1997 when this particular company commenced branding their clothing as ‘FCUK’. FCUK was the acronym for French Connection United Kingdom.

French Connection Clothing FCUK

This situation was exploited to the core by French connection. French connection used this acronym in every way possible in its ticket of roller coaster ride to fame. French connection used this talisman word in all of its clothing and it became the company’s virtual trademark. French connection was once sued by Daniel Greenwood, a designer who found the shirt titles lacking lenience and inconsistent. In 2001, French connection made a comeback in San Francisco. Now they have major retail outlets at London and Leeds.

French Connection Women’s Clothing

French connection has various stores world wide that predominantly sell the company’s clothing. This is done through their own stores and other shops as well. Though, there was a huge hue and cry with regard to the connotation, the French connection clothing has acquired a history of success based on the fashion quality and is consistently supported by successful marketing and advertising campaigns. The French connection quality products are available at affordable prices and are highly appreciated among the age groups of 18 to 35.

French Connection Men’s Clothing

French connection clothing has design ranges for men and women. They initiate from underwear to casual wear, denim, suits, outerwear and accessories. Their unique design and authentic sense of style has seen through the expansion of this company. However, the French connection elevated it products in other areas such as women’s shoes, toiletries, watches and eye wear. The core element of the French connection in business is the capacity to create fashionable clothes as it is the key to the unceasing success. The French connection clothing logo is instantly recognizable and is available at competitive prices.  The French connection clothing has a wide collection of Fadeout jeans, Fast Simpleton Polo, Meccanik jeans, Jersey T Shirt, Check Shirt, Dean Polo, High Speed T Shirt, Marlon T shirt, Human V neck, and many more.

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