Bakery Equipment Sold in Australia

Looking for bakery equipment sold in Australia? Learn about the variety of excellent Bakery Equipment Sold In Australia by different retailers and suppliers…

There is high demand for the bakery equipment sold in Australia as the confectionery and bakery industry is very well-established in the country. Commercial catering and bakery equipment along with kitchen equipment and food service material are available from leading suppliers across the country.

From display cabinets to bread slicer machines to rollers and dough sheeters customers can purchase a plethora of items to suit their requirements. This highly competitive industry ensures that the entire range of bakery equipment is available in Australia

Most of the bakery equipment sold in Australia is reliable and built to last, while being very easy to use. An exceptionally high manufacturing standard is essential because only a reliable piece can create ideal levels of production in the confectionery and baking industry. From shops to commercial kitchens and restaurants, food factories bakeries, hotels and pizzerias, takeaways, café’s, hotels, clubs and general caterers there are a large number of establishments that require different bakery equipment and products.
Types of Bakery Equipment Sold in Australia

One of the most commonly used and purchased bakery equipment in Australia is the bread slicer. Normally the machine is designed as a countertop unit that is used for heavy-duty slicing. The stainless steel slicing blades provide durability and can slice bread to a 14 mm thickness. The discs on the bread slicer are mobile and make it very convenient to maintain. Dough rollers can be used to roll out pizza dough, as a rule. The commercial machines utilize the cold work process so that the dough does not lose its characteristics. Created out of heavy-duty stainless steel there are safety guards on the rollers on both the rollers, while the top functions as the front feeder. The foot pedal in the machinery is optional and the machine can be used for different dough types. Dough sheeters are also an important type of bakery equipment sold in Australia. These countertop machines have sheets which are 500 mm in width, with have safety guard on both sides.

Cold Storage Countertops Cake Fridges for Display

When it comes to food display bakery equipment, there are different items for cold display and regular display. The ideal display for cake and pastry is offered by a chilly display center. These stylish looking units showcase tasty cakes while keeping them cold. They can be either countertop or free standing if there is ample floor space in the bakery. There is a special refrigeration system in the cake display racks that extends a product’s life. Ideal for convenience stores, cafés and gas station along with servicing super markets, the cold storage countertops and cake fridges offer the ideal solution for smaller locations.

The Large Capacity Planetary Mixers

Large capacity planetary mixers have both a rotary and a planetary mechanism, which allows a user to whip, mix and beat different ingredients. Its engine speed can be altered to serve specific requirements. These versatile planetary mixers have cast aluminum whisks and a hope and beater combination, which can be lifted automatically or manually as desired by the user. Used for making ice cream, cakes and different confectionery products, the mixers form part of the useful bakery equipment sold in Australia.

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