French Door Treatments

Need some treatment for your French doors? Want to know what types of treatment are available? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

French Door treatments- whether they be for interior or exterior French doors–  can be as plain, or as intricate, as the furniture and textile in a room. As an example, Cafe curtains or short curtains hung from a curtain rod are typically used in casual interiors while either jabots(a cascade of fabric hung down the sides of a door) or lambrequins(a large cornice piece that completely frames a door) appear in more formal settings.

Even experienced home decorators can be flummoxed by door treatments. As already stated, a huge variety of choices in material, fabric, color, size, options, and hardware leaves you wondering just where to start. Well, the best thing would be to start with the basics: privacy, light control, function, and style.

 French Door Treatment Hardware

Everyone needs privacy of some sort. Conceivably, the only people who may not need privacy are those who live in isolated homes, far from curious eyes. But still, living in an isolated place itself is a form of privacy. On the other hand, privacy can be a foremost issue for most of us. If your dining room looks out on to a busy footpath, street corner, or a community pool, you need privacy. Privacy can be ensured by the use of door curtains,  by resorting to translucent glass panels or combinations of the two or by other means.

The two fundamental elements that govern light control in French door treatment is controlling the quantity and quality of the light that is entering the room. The first is keeping the glare down and the second is reducing Ultra Violet (UV) rays from bright sunlight. The first is necessary if someone is working near a bright window or watching TV. The second, as it harmfully affects the furnishing in the home; bright sunlight can easily and rapidly fade upholstery and rugs. French door treatment in the form of tinting where a tinted film is pasted directly to the glass panes will reduce both glare and UV.

 French Door Treatment Ideas

The element of function plays a major part in French door treatment. You should think about your requirements of door position, fit, safety considerations and also hardware, both when you ponder your alternatives and when you do the actual purchase. There is a precise French door treatment for any particular situation.

The best part of French door treatment is in the style. It can also be said to be the fun element. Choosing fabrics, colors, and styles that will add to the beauty and appearance of your door is where style comes in and plays a key role in the treatment of the French door. Repeating the nature of textile and color in one portion of the room to the door is just one way of adding awareness of it.

Whatsoever the French door treatment is, it is limited only by the fertility of your imagination and the extent of your budget to match it.

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