EMU Australia Boots

Want to buy EMU Australia boots? Read our guide for facts and info on the variety of boots by Emu Australia…

EMU Australia is the name of a popular brand involved in the production of sheepskin footwear. Based in Australia the company has established a reputation for itself in creating premium quality footwear using only sheepskin. It is also involved in the production of a variety of different apparel and accessories for a global clientele.

The head office of EMU Australia is located in Geelong. That region is regarded as being the heart of the wool growing district of Australia and some of the finest wool of the world is grown and produced in there. It is also regarded as being the birthplace of the traditional Australian Ugg boot.

The complete range of products developed by the company is produced on Victoria’s Wild Surf Coast. They take inspiration from the majestic natural environment and as a consequence are able to develop products that truly reflect the lifestyle of the people of the region. At the same time EMU Australia products are renowned for being of the highest quality.

Some of the most popular EMU Australia boots are as follows:

Stinger Hi Chestnut

This boot is one of the all-time classic Hi full sheepskin style boots developed by the company. It is made using the finest Australian sheepskin, which gives it class. The good thing about the sheepskin is the fact that it has the innate ability to naturally wick away moisture. This ensures that your feet remain odorless in these boots. This pair of EMU Australia boots is accented with premium embossed leather and suede branding. Added strength is provided to the pair of boots by superior double stitched seams. The boots have been ergonomically designed with a molded suede leather heel cup that provides extra fit and support. The insole features a removable contoured sheepskin with arch support. The trademark Durabl Emusole functions as hard-wearing rubber for these boots. In order to provide the wearer with comfort and support these boots have been embedded with Quality EVA. These highly versatile boots are excellent for booth indoor as well as the outdoor wear.

Juc Lo Black

Another popular variety developed by the EMU Australian company features a front lace up style and is made using the trademark sheepskin. It has all the natural benefits of high quality sheepskin. In addition, the manufacturers have embedded this pair of EMU boots with additional features that give it a great fit and provide excellent comfort. These boots are specifically designed for the outdoors as they feature a sole that is embedded with durable outdoor all-terrain rubber enabling you to take on the most extreme weather conditions when you’re wearing them.

Other popular varieties developed by the company include the MT Panorama and the Stinger Sand Lo. It is important to remember that most of the models developed by the company are available in high top as well as low top styles, giving you the opportunity to choose one that best fits your personal preferences.

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