American Indian Wolf Headdress

Have you heard about the wolf headdresses which were donned by the American Indians? Do you wish to buy one for yourself? Read on to know more about wolf headdress, where you can purchase it, and more info…

Native Americans, also known as American Indians, are famous for their totem pole which is their tribal emblem, their rain dance, and yes, their headdresses. It is natural that you will instantly imagine the picture of a tribal headdress. But eagle feather warbonnets were not the only headdress that the American Indians donned; there are several other interesting ones and among the most popular is the wolf headdress.

As mentioned before, the feather headdresses were the most common and were of different types such as trailer warbonnet, halo warbonnets, and straight-up feather warbonnets. The American Indian tribes such as Crow, Sioux, Cheyenne, Plains Cree, and Blackfeet preferred the eagle feathered headdresses. The roach headdresses made from the porcupine guard hair, deer’s tail hair, or the moose hair was familiar among the native tribes settled in the east Rocky Mountains. There are several styles and patterns in which the basket hats were made; this was in use among the American Indian tribes of the west Rocky Mountains. In addition to these, there are buffalo horn headdresses, otter-fur turbans, and the wolf headdresses.

Significance of Wolf Headdresses

Though there were several headdresses used by the American Indians, each one had some significant meaning associated with it. For instance, while the porcupine roaches were worn by the warriors and dancers, otter-skin turbans were meant for the formal occasions. Similarly, horned headdresses were reserved for those distinguished male warriors who had accomplished significant deeds. In most of the cases, the American Indian tribes believed that wearing the headdress made of a particular animal or bird made them acquire the impressive powers of the same.

The wolf was considered as a symbol of fierce desire for independence and also the representation of loving and gentle nature. But the animal symbol of wolf is slightly enigmatic as it can represent both powerful character and the nature of the lone wolf. As per the Native American zodiac, the wolf is a passionate lover of all spiritual and physical things. During the good times, the wolf is believed to be intensely passionate, affectionate, gentle, and generous. But in bad times or when it is left alone, the wolf can turn recalcitrant, impractical, vindictive, wild, and obsessive.

Shopping for Wolf Headdresses

Internet is one of the best places to find what you are looking for. There are innumerable types of wolf headdresses on display with the raw beauty of Native American tribes reflecting from them. It can be anything from the carved face of the wolf to the complete wolf fur decorated with the head on the top. The options are many and understanding their significance will make things more worthy.


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