American Civil War Flag

Interested in the American Civil war flag? Find out about the flags used during the years of civil wars in America…

The American flag has gone through a series of vital changes throughout its history. The American civil war flag in particular underwent rapid changes in consecutive years. Some of the most important American civil war flags are mentioned below.

The 33 Star Flag (1859-1861)

It was on the fourth of July the year 1859 that the 33 star flag became crowned as the official flag of the country. This flag came in use during the time the southern states were seceding from the union. This flag is also credited as being the first American flag upon which the confederate forces shot.

The 34 Star Flag (1861-1863)

After the admittance of the state of Kansas into the Union a new flag was developed featuring 34 stars. This was now the official flag of America. The reason why this flag was made official was because the United States Government believed that the southern states were in rebellion.

If they had removed the stars that represented the southern states it would suggest that America had accepted its loss. This is why the government decided to keep all stars on the face of the American flag.

The 35 Star Flag (1863-1865)

In 1863 West Virginia made it to the Union. During the initial warring period West Virginia was actually considered to be a part of the state of Virginia. The inhabitants of the mountainous regions of Virginia boycotted against the state’s decision to secede.

This is because the economically bereaved population of the mountains had no association with the landed gentry of the eastern regions and did not wish to come together. Certain illegal actions were taken to reorganize the state and actually create a new state by the name of Kanawha.

This created big divisions amongst the masses eventually turning the state into a battle ground. Eventually the region got added as a new state resulting in the development of the 1863 star spangled banner. This was one of the most important civil ware flags throughout the history of America.

The 36 Star Flag (1865-1867)

Towards the end of the war the state of Nevada was admitted to the Union. However Nevada was given little importance in comparison to the drama that unfolded at West Virginia. There was absolutely no division with regards to the loyalties of the inhabitants of the region. This led to the development of a new flag which was modified again two years later as Nebraska made it to the Union.

Confederate States of America Flags

A number of civil war flags were developed in the states that seceded during the civil war period. The bonnie blue flag is one of the most popular of these. This flag was developed with the secession of Mississippi. The First National Flag is also counted amongst the confederate flags although it was never really officially accepted as one.

The Second National flag developed in 1863 was quite similar to other northern flags. This was followed up by a Third National flag that had a rather short lived life up until the end of the Confederacy in 1865.

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