Kissing Point Road Dundas Australia

Moving to Kissing Point Road Dundas Australia? Learn more about the suburban region of Dundas Kissing Point Road…

Kissing Point Road Dundas Australia is an ideal suburban location for family residence. Dundas is a suburb in Sydney. When you look southwards from this valley you can see the extension of the Silverwater Road, which moves all the way down towards the local river known as Parramatta River.  You can also see the Sydney Olympic Stadium as you move down this road.

The surrounding streets in this suburb that lead out from the Kissing Point road are the Stewart St, Kissing Point Rd, Silverwater Rd and Adamson Ave. When you are at the Dundas Junction and look out towards the southwest side of the Silverwater and Kissing Point Road intersection you will find the suburbs of Dundas and Rydalmere lie just before the Rosehill Race Course and Parramatta Central Business District.

Land and Property for Sale on Kissing Point Road Dundas Australia

If you want to purchase land or property, then there is the opportunity to purchase massive blocks of land on Kissing Point Road, Dundas, Australia. Located off the main road this tract of land has a neatly constructed brick home on a large bank of land. With a total area of 1821sqm it leaves you open to endless possibilities.

Features of Good Property in  Dundas

The beautiful home has a tiled living area with the dining room that is separated for privacy. There is a large deck, which overlooks the yard at the rear. The fully fitted contemporary kitchen comes with an electric cooking range.

The home has four moderately sized bedrooms whereas the master bedroom has an en suite contemporary bathroom. The garage has lock-up facilities and two cars can also be parked on the driveway.

The frontage on this piece of land is exceptionally wide and measures 18.23 meters. The rectangular plot of land backs on to the Ponds Creek Reserve. This private property can be inspected through appointments only.

Statistics of the Kissing Point Road Dundas Australia Suburb

The suburb of Dundas falls in the Sydney Region. The total Land Area of the suburb is 910 sqm and there are no classified Energy Ratings available.

The total size of the population is 6443 while 80% or more are born in Australia. Most of the immigrants in this region, which makes up around 20% of the population are the people who hail from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands and Poland. Approximately 32% of the population is under 39 while 31% of the population is from 40 to 59 years of age.

Only 17% of the population in made up of youth from the age of 5 to 19 years. The population of senior citizens over 60 is approximately 15%, while toddlers below the age of four comprise 16% of the population.

When you look at the family statistics of suburban residents based in Dundas then 49% are married, 35% are single while only 8% are divorced and 5% have been separated while 3% of the residents are widowed.

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