Arkansas Indian Arrow Heads

Want to buy Arkansas Indian arrowheads? Read on for interesting facts and info on where and how to find arrowheads from Arkansas…

Arkansas has been home for many prominent Native Indian tribes. It is no wonder that collectors will be able to find a large quantity of genuine Indian arrowheads from Arkansas. Many of these arrowheads have been excavated whereas others have been preserved by the tribes through the generations.

Some of the exquisite Arkansas Indian arrowheads that you will be able to find out there in the market are as follows:

Burlington Chert Chipola Arrowhead

Originating from Arkansas this genuine Indian arrowhead is off white and pink in color. The nice basal grinding on this projectile point is what sets it apart. You will be able to get your hands on this Arkansas Indian arrowhead for about $75.

Chert Johnson Arrowhead

This is yet another fine specimen of native Indian craftwork. This is a rather sturdy arrowhead which has a relatively flat mottled construction. The arrowhead displays a mix of pink, purple and gray shades which gives it a unique appearance. The chert Johnson arrowhead is being sold in the market for $35.

Chert Ensor Arrowhead

Belonging to the Arkansas provenance this special projectile point was actually recovered from Benton Co. It displays a nice mottled gray tone which adds value to this historic relic of native Indian culture. It is currently being sold for $95.

Chert Stemmed Arrowhead/Knife Blade

This particular Arkansas arrowhead actually serves the purposes as on the one hand it can be made to function as an arrowhead and on the other hand it serves as a stemmed knife blade. A pinkish hue on the face of the blade gives it a unique appeal. One of the interesting things about this particular piece is the way it has been finely thinned towards the end. $50 is the price you will have to pay to acquire this Arkansas Indian arrowhead.

Arkansas Native Indian Tribes

People interested in Arkansas arrowheads would also like to know about the tribes that were responsible for producing these amazing weapons that now serve as decoration pieces and collector’s items. Amongst the most popular tribes that were spread across Arkansas was the Caddo tribe. They were further divided into five sub tribes.

However Arkansas is best known as the home of the Cherokee people. This is perhaps the most well-known Native Indian tribe that dwelled in this region. The state of Arkansas was actually granted to the Cherokee tribe under a treaty.

The Chickasaw was yet another popular tribe from the region. However they never owned any land in Arkansas and only dwelled in the region for a temporary phase while making their way to Oklahoma. The popular tribes of Arkansas include Illinois, Kashkinampo, Michigamea, Mosopelea and Osage.

Since the crossbow was the primary hunting and self-defense weapon for Native Indians each one of these tribes was involved in the production of arrowheads. However sometimes it becomes difficult to determine which tribe is responsible for producing a particular Arkansas arrowhead.

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