Mansfield High School Australia

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Mansfield State High School is a renowned educational institute in Australia that has become famous for its programs in Information Technology, Music and French Immersion. The educational institute was opened back in 1974 and is based in a suburban district in the south of Brisbane, Australia. Today it facilitates more than 1,500 students that have flocked to the school from all over the world.


Over the years the school has earned quite a reputation for itself. It has come out as a frequent winner in national competitions. The school is particularly noted for its brilliant performances in Australian Mathematics Competitions. In 2006 two students from the school managed to secure the highest prize in that competition.  The following year a total of 20 students managed to achieve high distinction in English Competitions.

With regard to the broader spectrum of academics Mansfield is credited with excelling in the fields of mathematics, computer technologies, science, music, English, health and physical education, French and Japanese language training, home economics, manual arts, as well as society and environment sciences.


Mansfield offers a range of programs in music education. Its programs include 4 concert bands. These are specifically designed for different levels, starting from beginner to intermediate and all the way to advanced. Similarly they have 3 jazz ensembles arranged in similar levels, 4 string orchestras and 4 choirs. Lately they have added two percussion ensembles to their programs as well.

The school has managed to secure the top spot in the Queensland Festival of Music a number of times, thanks to the brilliant performance by the premier ensemble concert band produced by the school. In 2006 the band also managed to make it to the Grand Final of Fanfare. Over the years the band has been summoned to play at various important events such as the Anzac Day ceremonies, Commonwealth Games Torch Relay and a host of other private events. The school choir has also managed to win the Fanfare competition in more recent times.

Each year Mansfield hosts a musical program. The school undergoes a period of 6 weeks of rehearsals in order to prepare for the show. The rehearsals usually kick off in June or July, as the musical event is planned for early August. A host of other students work as volunteers and form the technical crew to facilitate the musical event. The Deputy Principal, Rowena May, and the Principal, Murray Kay, are responsible for planning the event and conducting the band.

Mansfield prepared the musical Olivia for the year 2009. Last year’s show was called “The Dracula Rock Show” whereas 2007 saw Mansfield perform a musical by the name of “The Three Musketeers”. Other popular musical events hosted by the school include Catwalk, Pimpernel, Sheik, Rattle and Roll, Pan the Man and Dirty Money.

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