Irish Setter Training

Looking for Irish setter training? Want to know about all the different types of Irish setter training available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right training for you…

Irish setter training should begin when your dog is still a puppy. The Irish setter is full of energy and is a playful and friendly canine. This translates to a fairly rowdy little puppy for training purposes. An Irish setter cannot be confined too long or else it will get restless and dodge around the place, knocking things over. Training an Irish setter must take into account its naturally athletic tendencies and its preference to play with its masters. Outdoor training activities are highly suited to the Irish setter and a trainer should bring the dog on jogging sessions and cross country runs.

Behavioral lessons should be primary among Irish setter training sessions. As a sociable breed, the Irish setter needs to be trained to recognize its inferior position to the trainer’s superior stance. Rewarding good behavior is paramount as is reinforcing desirable traits with suitable treats, petting and compliments. Irish setters respond well to gentle training as they are not an aggressive breed.

Irish setter training programs should include ignoring the dog when it displays any sort of bad or otherwise undesirable behavior. Since the Irish setter likes to please, it will quickly learn what triggers your favorable response, and doggy snacks. So make it a point to pay attention to your Irish setter and shower it with specific dietary rewards for obeying your training commands. Be patient in your efforts and eventually your Irish setter training sessions will bear fruit as you’ll have a wonderfully trained canine.

Selecting an Irish setter

Before purchasing a pure bred Irish setter puppy, you should acquaint yourself with this particular breed of dog. The Irish setter has a long silky coat of fur which is red in color. The red hue ranges from auburn to mahogany. Irish setter fur is wavy and hangs to medium length down the sides of its body. Its ears are rather long and triangular. The Irish setter is a tall dog, averaging 26 inches in height. Depending on its gender, an adult Irish setter can weigh between 55 to 75 pounds.

Irish setter training should take cognizance of this breed’s natural tendency to athleticism and boundless energy. Training sessions should include behavioral lessons which reinforce desirable behavior with rewards and compliments.

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