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Maori is the name given to the group of indigenous Polynesian people that are native to the country of New Zealand. It is believed that these people arrived in that region before 1300 in several waves of migration. They are characterized by their distinctive culture and a range of events that they conduct in New Zealand and Australia.

After facing years of decline and tribulations because of the European invasion of the islands the Maori people started to increase in terms of population and culture. A cultural revival has been initiated among the community members. As a result many of the traditional performing arts and sports can be observed as practiced by the members of the community.

Maori Events

The most distinctive cultural event celebrated by the Maori people is the Kapa Haka. It is a cultural performance that reflects the true essence of the Maori lifestyle. The performance is regarded as being highly creative and the sole purpose of performing this act is to please the audience. Today Australians have the opportunity to appreciate this traditional performance as a member of the audience whereas interested individuals can also join the performance as well. The Kapa Haka is not the only cultural dance form prevalent among the Maoris. Rather it is unique in terms of the synchronization of song and dance.

Another popular event performed by the Maoris is the Waiata. This is actually a song that is performed much like the above-mentioned Kapa Haka. Youth clubs in Australia and New Zealand have promulgated the performance of these various dances and songs. These traditional dances that originated in rural areas have evolved so that, today, performances attract all kinds of people in the urban city centers of Australia and New Zealand.

The songs and dance were developed for the purpose of instilling important values into members of the community. The key concepts include maintaining the importance of the Maori language and keeping the ancient customs and traditions alive. on the other hand these songs and dances also served as historical records as the entire history of the society was passed down in its oral form from one generation to another. History indicates that the Maori were not a literate people and hence this was the only means of communication and recording of history that they had available to them. The collection of songs developed by the community members include laments, lullabies, love songs and songs of contempt and challenge.

The Poi is another important performance art developed by the Maoris. Its performance involves a ball that is suspended from a certain length using a flexible material. The ball is then swung in circular patterns so as to create a synchronized movement. In order to add rhythm the performance is accompanied by the Waiata.

The different Maori events are hosted at prominent locations in Australia and New Zealand including Marae. Today some of these performances are even hosted in New York.

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