Nimbin Australia

Want to learn more about Nimbin, Australia? Read on for facts and info about the Australian town Nimbin, which is a self sustained alternative lifestyle community in New South Wales…

Nimbin Australia is located in the foothills of the subtropical region on the eastern border of the extinct volcano in New South Wales. Nimbin is located 780 km to the north of Sydney. It is based at the foothills of the Mt Warning Caldera also known as Wollumbin in the local Australian dialect.

The town is also known as the Alternative Capital of Australia due to the lifestyle followed in the community and town alike.

It is a tribute to communities that work together to find sustainable solutions to different socio-economic and environmental issues.

That has been the main reason for the popularity and recognition of the town of Nimbin. It is a very tolerant town and there are different nationalities found there diverse backgrounds offering a rich multicultural heritage. The lifestyle is based largely on the precept of artists and musicians thriving together.

Alternative Lifestyle in Nimbin Australia

From housing and power to land sharing and enjoying different markets and festivals, Nimbin has a lot of different things to offer.

It has a good educational network, while visitors can enjoy the great music, art and “café” lifestyle.

Natural Beauty of Nimbin Australia

Naturally endowed with a beautiful and grand forest as well as views of the mountains, the city is very picturesque.

The landscape features different waterfalls and creeks, which mingle beautifully with the rolling hills, which are covered with thick forests and home to a mix of unique wildlife.

History of Nimbin Australia

The population base was created after 1973. It was originally a dairy town and when that economic structure collapsed the newly available, cheap land was purchased by people in groups and by reformed communities.

There are hundreds of communities that start with two or three associates and go up to as large as 1000-acre blocks, which have more than 300 members in each block.

These independent communities often have their own shopping centers and schools. Focusing on objectives, the community has people who use solar powered panels and natural resources for sustainable and renewable energy.

They often build their houses themselves and grow their own food to develop a sustainable ecological system.

The local initiative for renewable and alternative energy sources is known as the Rainbow Power Company. They produce and make different parts for solar, hydro and wind-powered generators. There is also a local currency known as, NIMLETS and barter is also very popular in the area.

Healing Centre in Nimbin Australia

Considered the centre of healing there are different practitioners who provide relief for common ailments and chronic conditions to people.

With the use of techniques like massage and yoga along with alternative medicine like homoeopathy and acupuncture, there are different means of natural healing. The community centre is home to different groups like the community school, radio station as well as the news broadcasting centre. Nimbin actually has the highest per capita concentration of artists and musicians in Australia.

There are different art exhibitions held annually in the spring season. The different cafes and restaurants are scattered across the landscape while there are unique housing arrangements for backpackers who pass by this individually managed alternative lifestyle town.

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