PPK Pistol Replicas Australia

Buying Australian PPK pistol replicas? Learn more about the highly coveted Walter PKK pistol replicas, Australia…

The PPK pistol Australian replica is basically a cap firing model gun. Although the replicas are crafted in Japan and other countries they are exclusively imported into Australia due to the popularity.

Specifications of the PKK Pistol Replicas Australia

The operating principle followed by the Australian replica PPK pistol is the cap firing model gun. It is a fully functional and full-sized pistol that can be stripped in the field. The PPK is a PFC or a plug fire cartridge gun. This means it follows a realistic firing effect. This includes the emission of a muzzle flash, emitting gunpowder smoke, the right recoil and shell ejection along with the sound of the shot fired.

Origin of the name Walter PPK

Although originally designed for police use, the Walter PPK actually is an acronym for the German term for Walther Polezei-Pistole Kriminal.  The gun utilizes 5 mm caps and has the total length of 154mm. It weighs 440 g and has a magazine capacity that fits eight plug fire cartridges.

The Walter PKK is actually a smaller version of the PP, which is the Polizeipistole. With the shorter trip and barrel length along with a lower capacity for the magazine the PKK differs from the PP. Introduced in the year 1931 it was a 7.65 mm cartridge gun with a typical chamber.

However, even though it was launched for use by the police it was later on used in the services of the Luftwaffe and Heer. Though it was popular with these two military services’ personnel the army officers prefer to carry the pistol. Its impressive history has led to the creation of many Australian PPK pistol replicas and the sales are amazing over the years.

The main reason for this popularity is that they were easy to conceal and therefore popular with the German military arm known as the Luftwaffe.

In fact one of the most memorable shots fired from the original version of the Walter PKK is the suicidal shot taken by Adolf Hitler. He wanted to prevent his capture at the hands of Soviet forces when they closed in on his location in Berlin and shot him self with this gun.

Key Features of Australian PPK Replica Pistol

The replica Australian PKK pistol also comes in the form of a non-firing pistol. The functional mechanism therefore is neutralized and the length has an overall range of 18 cm – 7″. The total weight ranges between 0.590Kg – 1lb 5oz for these replicas of PKK pistols in Australia.

PPK Replica Pistol in Australia and Paraphernalia

It is possible to get the Walter Australian PKK pistol replicas in a solid black finish as well as the chrome finish and the price variation is marginal.

Individual Eagle Cap and skullcap badges are available along with a specifically crafted deluxe belt holster. The traditional shoulder holster for the Australian replica PKK pistol is also available from retailers who specialize in crafting unique and authentic looking variations of this pistol.

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